• AoTD: Pas Neos

    5 Mar 2010, 19:51 by smarts47

    Pick an artist from your library every day (or whenever you get around to it).
    Answer the following questions, add factoids as desired.

    1. Artist: Pas Neos
    2. What they're like (adjectives, moods, "sounds like"):
    atypical rhythm and sound (fun syncopation, like on "Divided"), post-rock-ish, lyrics are very closely drawn from scripture, light-hearted, speechlessly solemn, and sweetly poignant moods depending on the song. It's the kind of music you can listen to any time of the day, background music, soaking music, travelling music...
    3. How you heard about them:
    Their EP was available for sale at the IHOP One Thing Conference last October. I didn't buy it right away, but my friend Phil did. Listening to it on the way to church I was like "Woah, who is this? They're good" and decided to download the album which is (thankfully) available on Amazon! :) Go buy it! You'll be glad you did.
    4. Favorite album/why: