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  2. members:
    HIROYUKI IMAMURA: Vocals&Guitars
    RETSU USHIJIMA: Drums&Vocals

    (2004.07.09) 1st single『Left-Behind New…

  3. THE LOCAL ART are a four piece indie band from Japan formed in 1996 by Satoshi Okada(Vo.&Dr.) and Ikko Ono(Ba.) as band name "SHAMPOOHAT"


  4. ABSTRACT MASH is a rock band that was formed in early 2004 and are currently signed with lilBallet. The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Taku…

  5. Affectionately referred to as マルカラ (marukara), Multi Colored Vox was a trio of hard rockers from Osaka, Japan. Their music is a type of high…

  6. Members :
    Hirokazu Notomi- Vocal, Guitar
    Junco Takahashi - Cello, Keyboards, Vocals
    Keiji Ohashi- Guitar, Programming
    Tomoya Minami - Bass

  7. Perfect piano lesson were formed in January, 2001, by Shirane (Vox & Guitar), Oya (Bass), and Katsuya (Drums). They were in a band circle in a…

  8. Vocal,Guitar - 押切健太 (Kenta Oshikiri)
    Drums,Chorus - 中野真季 (Maki Nakano)
    SupportGuitar & Chorus - 藤原"若"啓嗣 (Hirotsugu Fujiwara)
    SupportBass &…

  9. members:
    Kyoko (Vocal)
    本郷信 (Guitar/Cho)
    MARCH (Bass/Cho)
    高橋宏貴 (Drums/Cho) ex-ELLEGARDEN

    A female fronted punk rock band. There’s very…

  10. GHEEE (ギー) is the Japanese indie rock supergroup of Tomohiro Kondo (近藤智洋, vocals/guitar), Motoaki Fukanuma (深沼元昭, vocals/guitar), HISAYO (bass),…

  11. 1. Japanese indie/emo band.

    2. Lithuanian young artist

  12. Sensmith are a Japanese rock band from Kyoto, formed in 2004. Their sound shows influences by indie rock, punk and pop.

    勝見秀康 (Hideyasu) - Vocals…

  13. The Jerry is a japanese alternative rock band, the band consists of Yuta Osanai (Vocal&Guitar) and Amane Tsuji (Drums).
    Their myspace site:…

  14. MOLICE is an indie rock band formed in Tokyo, Japan in January 2007. They formed from the dissolution of two other bands, The Radicales and China…

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  16. (2004-2012)

    Hiroki - Lead vocals
    Sekine - Guitar, vocals
    Keita - Guitar, screams
    K2O - Bass
    Yasu - Drums, vocals

    There is no language barrier from…

  17. There are at least 4 bands with the name "Airport". The first 2 are an alternative punk trio formed in 2001, in Japan…

  18. Discharming Man is a solo project by Keita Ebina. (5B Records,ex-Kiwiroll)

  19. There are at least three bands with this name.

    1.)British D.I.Y./post-punk from the early 80s

    2.)Japanese Rock band

    3.) An American Hardcore band


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