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    Why would he call himself Paris? rOFL...
  • Avatar for loveisparanoid
    the best we can do is upload a picture with both artists, i voted in the swedish paris pics though :p
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    It's not cool when the radio starts playing Captain Morgan when someone in wants to hear political rap :S Well, anyway, I'm quite contended since they changed the main picture and added some full length tracks from the rapper also.
  • Avatar for KennaIsADroid
    It wouldn't be a big deal. There was a band Nirvana before Kurt Cobain's Nirvana. I'm actually a fan of two completely different bands called Nemo and I'm sure there are like 20 more bands called Nemo. Before one of them changed their name, I used to listen to both The 88 and The 88s. I'm actually surprised there's only one of The Killers. It's cool, no big deal.
  • Avatar for sGarrista-
    C'mon, there are so many reasonable names in the world, nobody would need to use names like jadbgljbdjadajdakabnsg. Would it be cool with everyone if some band would start right now with the name Radiohead ?
  • Avatar for KennaIsADroid
    No one is original. Ever. And all the different artists should have different pages but there's really no way to do this, and if every musical artist ever had a name that they didn't share with any other artist, then everyone would have to resort to naming their bands stuff like jadbgljbdgljadbglkadhbklahgnahx
  • Avatar for sGarrista-
    It is true that there have been bands named Paris before the rapper started his career, but those bands are no longer active and they're barely even known. What I meant with originality was that the rapper is more original compared to the Swedish band. He started earlier, and is still active and making records. I just think the Swedish band should have a different profile page.
  • Avatar for KennaIsADroid
    sGarrista-, the rapper Paris isn't the original Paris as a musical artist. There were many other musical artists called Paris before even him, so just get the fuck over it.
  • Avatar for Funiculaire
    o.o ... Why are there so many hip hop guys listed here? They should manage the names better *rolls eyes*
  • Avatar for Lecavalier4
    The Days Of Old is awesome
  • Avatar for Ali-UK
    get this indie pop faggotry out of here
  • Avatar for grrrh
    make way for a panther
  • Avatar for MirrorrorriM
    Black power. \m/
  • Avatar for watthead
    Who the fuck are those tools in the main picture? None of them are Paris.
  • Avatar for WildMatilda
    I agree! Get the emo kid look-a-likes off!
  • Avatar for MirrorrorriM
    also I dont want this gay picture on my site, I WANT MY BLACK PANTHER.
  • Avatar for MirrorrorriM
    hurrr hip-hop is generic and always sucks!!! F' that, black power \m/
  • Avatar for New_Jack_City
    ye impeach the president im down with the bush killa on this one...who the fuck are these swedes??
  • Avatar for auritech
    Too many artists named Paris. The only one who's established the name is the rapper. The Swedish band should change their name. Paris Hilton has a last name, so idiots tagging her songs without it are fools.
  • Avatar for LilTheater
    I don't really have a problem with Paris Hilton, but seriously, keep her tracks the fuck off this page.
  • Avatar for aughtstar
    Paris Hilton CANNOT go by Paris. NO. WRONG.
  • Avatar for themattsky
    Turn it up is a song by Paris HILTON
  • Avatar for markkram
    I always felt like he wouldn't like me because of my skin color. I can never be a panther.
  • Avatar for hawkeye71
    The best of all Rappers! He's awesome and don't hide his minds!
  • Avatar for StBruno
    The rapper Paris is one of my favorite artists.
  • Avatar for SimpatiK
    The band Paris owns! Saw them last night :)
  • Avatar for qaisled3
    love it!
  • Avatar for afzilla
    overthrow the system then, jus ask paris, he'll tell you
  • Avatar for rerx
    It would be great if the system could differenciate between that rapper and the scandinavian band (Secrets on Tape).


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