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  • Avatar for DrunkenBunnies
    Cause everybody knows that we can do this all alone
  • Avatar for hkphe
    I've hoped for change it gets better every day I've hoped for change but still I fell the same There's something wrong
  • Avatar for pimki1980
    And I'll confess that I can be a little selfish ♥
  • Avatar for PancakeBuffalo
  • Avatar for apptfire
    i'm counting down my 10 favorite Paramore songs up to their new release on April 9th! check out where Whoa placed on the list!
  • Avatar for RiversCroft Paramore cover. VOTE UP!
  • Avatar for enceha
    whoaaa whoaaa
  • Avatar for tedemotita
    simplemente la mejor..! :)(:
  • Avatar for comochocapic
    And we've got everybody singing Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa ♥
  • Avatar for Jabackrules
    /o/ No me gusta
  • Avatar for ParaSwiftyStar
  • Avatar for arwenselvenligh
    <3 this Whoa!
  • Avatar for emolou4444
    <3 <3 love love love paramore!
  • Avatar for theskadudeguy
    its been said 1,0000000000000s of times but; my god she is fine
  • Avatar for Hate_Worldwide
  • Avatar for AL_44
    Not bad at all
  • Avatar for Melody_Monster
    whoa <3
  • Avatar for destra33
  • Avatar for xTimxo
    love it !!!
  • Avatar for netta0587
    we've got everybody singing whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!! these guys are awesome :D
  • Avatar for beaglegirl98
    beautiful <3
  • Avatar for bianca_lg_xx
    ♥One of my faves!
  • Avatar for MusicMadJohn
    Paramore, Whoa <3
  • Avatar for skinnnymonster
    I love them , but they've done better .
  • Avatar for YesSirIndeed
    Amazing, Paramore you are the best <3
  • Avatar for FranBarsanoff
    LOVE Paramore!!
  • Avatar for thelyricset
  • Avatar for rosemaryg90670
    love it..........
  • Avatar for minnie999
    love this!
  • Avatar for WillzinhO2010
  • Avatar for chemicalinxs
    Easily the best track off the album.
  • Avatar for AnnahRocknRoll
  • Avatar for felichiti
    me too =)
  • Avatar for Mariajo1497
    and i dont wan you to help me do thiis!!, whooooa!!!!! i love paramore!!!!!
  • Avatar for nemesist2000
    I love this song
  • Avatar for xTimxo
    whooaaa *-*
  • Avatar for nataliajust
  • Avatar for tonystuff
    great track and album
  • Avatar for ibemonty2000
    And we got everybody singin....
  • Avatar for xxBrandNewRiotx
    as long as the former members of paramore keep making music, i think i can live with the split
  • Avatar for xiekawska
    whoa, whoa,whoa
  • Avatar for ViperGuy
  • Avatar for CaitlinFenrir
    old paramore is amazing!! forget new paramore!!! [2]
  • Avatar for Kris10Mcqueen
    @psychomsnik Why would someone give you a reason to like a band or a song? It's personal preference and if you don't like them, then don't.
  • Avatar for mareeei
    i LOOOOOVE *_*
  • Avatar for rosemaryg90670
    I love this song, so up beat :)
  • Avatar for psychomsnik
    Paramore fans, give me a reason why should I love this song and this band. :l
  • Avatar for Charlessesess
    <3 i love this song...but you can hear how much her vocals shave improved the past 5 years or so... lovelove
  • Avatar for xxBabyMonkeyxx
    old paramore is amazing!! forget new paramore!!!
  • Avatar for AyaseYue
    whoa whoaaa whoa whoaaaaa


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