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PARALOUD (Remigijus Stirbys October 3, 1977 born in Northern Europe Lithuania and former member of the post-Soviet Union) is an Electronic Music Player, Music Pioneer & ex DJ. The son of mechanic-engineer and local Silute school teacher. He grew up in Lithuania and has tried to find his way in Italy & Germany in 1999-2002.
It was in 1991, when his musical career began as a DJ, Sound Engineer and Music Pioneer in Lithuania (Silute). He has performed in a number of locations and venues as a DJ and music activist which managed to eventually carry him out of his home town. R. Stirbys spent all his teenage life in Lithuania before traveling out to Italy including Germany where he lived between1999-2002. In 2007, he began producing and mixing his own Electronic Music contributing to the London Underground Scene. London had become his home City since 2003 till present.
R. Stirbys - PARALOUD
Things really began here in London in 2003. Before this I was a DJ and sound engineer in Lithuania Silute and actually I still. I had many appearances as a DJ in Lithuania. It was really drunk period around somewhere between 1992 to 2002-2001. I was not national DJ, but in my local town and its surroundings quite widely and actively.
In 2003 I came to London. Here I learned that DJ’s and Engineer…s do their music and songs. It was realy big news for me. I played for about 10 years of audio Cassettes, audio Tapes and CD's and I had no idea that I can do IT MY SELF. I have become quite sizable fall behind, because the moment we only have been the hallmark of computing and it was not available to everyone.
So, here I found a virtual recording studios which I have bought even questioned. I spent many days and nights until I found out what is where and how. It was something tricky for me what I could not understood. And, yes, here I bought a computer, this is my first purchase, and the first instrument of music. After that I even bought and bought and still buying that elicit better and better performance. So allowing time for creation and to learning the name itself was born as PARALOUD.

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