• What I Need To Get Off My Chest: Paradise Lost - Gothic

    19 Feb 2012, 20:47 by rhnbrown

    As I write this, I am listening to one of my favorite metal albums of all times. It's an album that arrived at a time when I was a big fan of The Sisters of Mercy. In fact, the main reason for me to check this album out in the first place, was the fact that the Sisters were cited by the band to be a major influence, and because of the album title. The band in question was Paradise Lost, and their album was Gothic. This was back in early 1991.

    It's a passionate, ambitious album, rough at the edges, overflowing with ideas, reaching for great heights, pushing the boundaries and, while not technically flawless, its shortcomings are eclipsed by its intensity and energy. In short, everything that makes a great metal album.

    I love it. I love big, loud, ugly and dirty guitars. This album has them in spades. Scorching, searing melodic leads and solos, and then some. Great stuff. …