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  • Drostanxxx

    so different from their early doom stuff (like a different band) but good all the same

    July 2014
  • MegaBlastFM

    I'm a big fan of this band.

    August 2012
  • kabral

    My. Favorite. FUCKIN'. Song!

    April 2012
  • Ganija_35


    December 2011
  • alltears83

    So much is lost ... So much disharmony ... No voice of sympathy ... :) Brilliant ... !!! I love that Paradise Lost have made some albums so "different" and "special". I hope they don't underestimate albums like "Host" and "Bellieve in Nothing" .

    March 2011
  • Ganija_35

    So great!!!!

    February 2011
  • gothicguru

    Forgotten how good this track is, great opener to the album. 'Host' deserves greater recognition than it gets in the PL back catalogue. So what if it was "different"? Hell - you can be different AND brilliant at the same time!!!

    July 2010
  • white-light


    October 2009
  • shrunken_ed

    absolutely LOVE paradise lost, never get stale, don't rest on their Laurels. Wish they'd tour the south of the UK more often though

    August 2009
  • hnava

    gothic masterpiece.

    July 2009
  • Artistify

    I`d do anything to see them on a live gig

    April 2009
  • pe84

    mUy buena

    January 2009
  • KesleyMarra


    December 2008
  • Ochkerman

    So So So Much !!!!!!

    November 2008
  • DJKalunga76

    essa é da fase que os metalheads odeiam, hahahaha... Mas a música é fantástica!

    October 2008
  • Med_zen

    beautiful and strong ..

    October 2008
  • FlameGhost

    Masterpiece \m/

    July 2008
  • Nunnja79

    @ Dexter1979: Aren't metal bands allowed to be popular? PL rule, and their progression over the years has kept them fresh and interesting for the real fans :)

    June 2008
  • WinterSouls

    But good pop music indeed.

    May 2008
  • Dexter1979

    it's a pop music.

    April 2008
  • Edweardo

    Great sounds!!

    January 2008
  • christoph42

    If I didn't know better, I'd mistake this for a Depeche Mode song ... weird

    December 2007
  • silience666

    i wanna go and cut my wrists now but my girl will kick my arse if i do

    November 2007