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  • justine_tranter

    March 2015
  • Roznerx

    I don't really know what sorry means... [5]

    January 2015
  • CarolymN

    Masterpiece [2]

    December 2014
  • PazuzuSKOM

    one of the greatest songs E V E R ...

    November 2014
  • nonnen8

    I don't really know what sorry means... [4]

    November 2014
  • drR0CK

    I don't really know what sorry means...

    October 2014
  • NGC_6853

    I saw this video in the year it came out, back in 1995. I really love the atmosphere and this version of "forever failure" even beats the album version! <3

    October 2014
  • stefan86

    My band covered this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eudA57PtPA&list=UUSiXyjqCIsO8Up8A-uUFnxA

    September 2014
  • nihil_interest

    looks like i finally found the best song on Earth

    August 2014
  • AKAKiwi

    What a great version. It's different than the one on the Draconian Times album I own..... twice.....

    April 2014
  • WarriorSoul_


    March 2014
  • korotkova001


    January 2014
  • Naxy22

    Я не могу подобрать слов,чтобы сказать насколько эта песня потрясающая!

    December 2013
  • Agnazar

    My favorite song

    August 2013
  • ProgPro96

    I don't really know what sorry means... [3]

    June 2013
  • XMagicaller

    I think this is masterpiece of Hard-Light metal music.

    May 2013
  • Memoriel

    I don't really know what sorry means... [2]

    April 2013
  • kons_ana


    January 2013
  • reinka0s

    dat song :3

    November 2012
  • girlfrom3floor


    September 2012
  • MarkusMi

    ein geiler song

    August 2012
  • hamlet666olsdal


    August 2012
  • Sajgonski

    Słów brak.

    July 2012
  • metalprincess6

    great song by them

    June 2012
  • dawidos117

    I love this song!

    June 2012
  • Damian907

    Great song!

    May 2012
  • Toolen_rus

    Great video! \m/

    April 2012
  • Tegernakos

    one of the greatest songs of any times, these raw emotions ...

    December 2011
  • HiddenEden

    can`t have words for this song and video,too

    December 2011
  • Enorus

    Not sure if this makes me feel melancholic or euphoric

    December 2011
  • v3par

    Can you feel rejection and a lack of motivation; and the joy you need restricted and delayed"... This song is close to me, cause I feel the same feelings & depression eats my soul every day slowly...

    November 2011
  • yogzor

    @Katamai no, it's a quote from charles manson

    August 2011
  • c4ligula

    I don't really know what sorry means...

    August 2011
  • kaffeejunky_hb

    Würde es ein Soundtrack zu meinem Leben geben, muss der Titel rauf.

    July 2011
  • Iammar1

    great song

    April 2011
  • Kanyuch


    October 2010
  • nightwatch79

    one of the best Paradise Lost songs, Draconian Times- the best and beautiful album. and FF-single too.. very beautiful!

    September 2010
  • Katamai

    "I don't really know what sorry means I've been sorry all my life I'm sorry I was born, that's what my mother told me". Is that from a movie?

    September 2010
  • nucumnon

    outstanding vid

    September 2010
  • opioom

    one of the best video I've ever seen...

    July 2010
  • BlackLodgeDwarf

    What bardism said.

    June 2010
  • bardism

    Oh man, this is so good! <3

    May 2010
  • kanwulf77

    Intense, full of power, silent and even loud - great!

    February 2010
  • Hypnostradamus

    one of the most confronting songs of all time

    February 2010
  • inphanta

    IMO, the Manson sample is out of context. It was only included, I feel, in an attempt to be "edgy" (Oooh! Manson!). Apart from that, great track.

    January 2010
  • Neilas1903

    I don't really know what sorry means

    November 2009
  • Foggster

    top 5 pl song of all time

    November 2009
  • Daka-Ozpass


    October 2009
  • Maziar1


    June 2009
  • euph0

    yeah, this is really their best song

    May 2009