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There are two bands called Paranova:

1) Paranova is a Hungarian alternative/rock/rock and roll band formed in 2004. They are just released a new EP called "Felejtéselmélet".

Line up:
Anna Kuti - Vocal
Dani Solyom - Guitar
Andris Kuti - Guitar (+lyrics)
Renátó Vörös - Bass
Gergő Wietecha - Drums

(former members: Vészi Reni (dob), Rónai Péter (basszusgitár), Máris Viktor (ének, gitár), Bauer Attila (dob))

* Staféta – EP (2005)
* Egy próbát megér – EP (2005)
* Az utolsó első – minilemez (2006)
* Egynull – EP (2008)
* Felejtéselmélet – EP (2010)


2) Paranova was a Dutch psychedelic rock band in the end of the sixties and beginning of the seventies from Utrecht. The band members lived in a big farmhouse in Hagelstein (near Utrecht), the goverment owned it, but they just lived in it and made music. The place were the house use to be is now a highway.

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