• Didn't want to do ANY homework, went to consert instead...

    20 Oct 2006, 12:15 by Ea112

    Came home from work/school on the 12.10. Was kind of grumpy - and I didn't really feel in the mood for doing ANY real work.

    So. Phoned Yozzi and asked "what about that consert at Kåren - you're going?"

    Easy as that, we went. It was a sponsored consert (a politician wanting to promote his party, but who cared? Free music!) and there was a total of 4 bands/artists playing. All except 'the main attraction' were from Finland, and all except one spoke Swedish.

    First on stage was Pappas Eget Band, singing songs very much to the tastes of the audience (main themes: he+she, being together, having fun).

    Next up were Kometfabriken, with ever greater music. *Kom lyft mig högre* was a really sweet song (transl. Come lift me higher).

    Then, the best a capella band I've ever heard, called FORK sang us songs like Robbie Williams - Let me entertain you, Bon Jovi - Living on a prayer, a combo of Nightwish - Over the Hills and far away & Teräsbetoni - Taivas lyö tulta. …