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  • Avatar for OscarxGrind
    Fading Parade has grown on me with continuous listens.
  • Avatar for Stefanszz
    I played these guys a few dozen times but then never listened to em again. Kinda regretting that now, enjoying them again! :)
  • Avatar for bkelleher
    You Can Have What You Want remains my favorite.
  • Avatar for henckha
    What a great band. Mockingbird, what a wonderful album.
  • Avatar for satisfcktion
    life among the savages
  • Avatar for Machiventa
    Disappointed with the new album. They got better with every album up to You Can Have What You Want (which was his/their masterpiece) and kind of fell off after that IMO.
  • Avatar for shotbirdsfallen
    Very happy with Life Among the Savages. Fading Parade was disappointing :/
  • Avatar for fieldmuzick
    Life Among... is really good!
  • Avatar for raffy_rillo
    The new album makes my life all worthwhile. The best thing I've heard this year. So good.
  • Avatar for Indexcard
  • Avatar for aoslrtm
  • Avatar for purplewoods
    pauper cuts xoxo
  • Avatar for rhettbice
    Love you!!! You gotta come to Brooklyn. You should submit to the Rockshop and try n get on a bill with Coma Cinema. Then I get my dream show at a venue near my house. lol
  • Avatar for bkelleher
    It's fixed, cool your tits.
  • Avatar for alexaultman
    Please fix the name...
  • Avatar for JoosepNilk
    PaPerCuts seems to be a German band that has been confused with Papercuts
  • Avatar for johncohen84
    Pa Per Cuts? SerIouSly?
  • Avatar for catchingsignals
    Why is the band name suddenly stylized like a 12-year-old would type it in AOL Instant Messenger? Never seen it that way on any of their albums or...anywhere. Who changed it? Well anyway, just got into this band a few weeks ago and they're my favorite find in a long long time.
  • Avatar for aoslrtm
  • Avatar for quinns1337
    soooo amazing. the only good thing pandora has ever brought to my attention.
  • Avatar for abcdeva
    need to see live
  • Avatar for shotbirdsfallen
    I remember the days when Papercuts had only 500k plays<3
  • Avatar for NativeFlowers
  • Avatar for Magist3r3
    I saw them in Paris, with Bombay Bicycle Club, it was pretty good :D
  • Avatar for peterj14
    Hope to get along to The Captain's Rest, Glasgow to see them on Thursday
  • Avatar for admstolz
    what's great about papercuts is that everything they release is amazing and great. not one single mediocre song. slowly becoming one of my favorites. . .does anyone know where to find their first album "rejoicing songs"? can't find it anywhere.
  • Avatar for DrMeatus
    Definitely in my top 5 favorite artists of all time.
  • Avatar for natalyesaurus
  • Avatar for occupieddog
    you can have what you want <3
  • Avatar for casadivetro
    come to Italy
  • Avatar for Groovemine
    The new release is a wistful collection of stunning hooks, sing-along choruses, and catchy tracks. If you want to read more about the new album check out our review on Groovemine, PLUS FREE MP3: “Do What You Will” - HERE:
  • Avatar for Goomba4001
    Awesome album cover
  • Avatar for Airicsson
    In my opinion the entire album is as great as You can Have What you want. Even better, with a more psychedelic mood, a "heavier" production... But after a few listenings of it, I haven't found a song as powerful as Future Primitive.
  • Avatar for bkelleher
    New album is good but You Can Have What You Want is much better.
  • Avatar for jacklefev
    I used to hate papercuts
  • Avatar for zedshtein
    the new one is magic
  • Avatar for BingeListening
    "Fading Parade could have certainly used some more punch from its leading man and driving creative force. Without it, this collection of songs merely come and go."
  • Avatar for hannustratet
    this guy continually puts out delightful records
  • Avatar for sunnychick
    Good plan DDoeleman. If you haven't already, try You Can Have What You Want. It's utterly beautiful.
  • Avatar for DDoeleman
    Loving the new album, the Beach House kinda vibe. I'm gonna have to check out their older stuff soon.
  • Avatar for BingeListening
    Album Stream: Papercuts - Fading Parade:
  • Avatar for CreepingElm
    Papercuts @ The Music Box, Hollywood, Ca 2.16.11 Thank you for a great show! (:
  • Avatar for ZacMagnum
    Check the new 7" from Sub Pop which features a song from the brand new PAPERCUTS album "Fading Parade" >>
  • Avatar for bkelleher
    However, Winter Daze is a great song.
  • Avatar for bkelleher
    I agree. It's not nearly melancholic enough either. Come on!
  • Avatar for inparentheses
    the new album is sorta boring :( so bummed
  • Avatar for Indexcard
    this bands jus all around good. like nothin particularly stands out that much but i love listenign to them : )
  • Avatar for cherrycherry_
    I love this!
  • Avatar for fieldmuzick
    love on first tune
  • Avatar for flyawayamanda
    leaked. :)


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