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  • Avatar for deescarlet
    My fav album by Papa Roach.
  • Avatar for Disvisonpunk86
    another amazing record that takes me back to my childhood brings back memories <3 :D
  • Avatar for san1011
    the last good album of papa roach [3] unfortunately.... :-(
  • Avatar for Max_Serj
    the last good album of papa roach [2]
  • Avatar for Forced_Life1983
    the last good album of papa roach
  • Avatar for DxWxTx
    Seriously, if you could love albums on, I would've loved this one a loooong time ago.
  • Avatar for DxWxTx
    Cannot stop listening <3
  • Avatar for samy1883
    i liked this album soooooooo much
  • Avatar for PatrickMLima
    By far, their Best!!
  • Avatar for NikolasBlack
    Best their album. Rock'n'roll motherfuckers!
  • Avatar for peggy_sue99
    their last good album
  • Avatar for Yskewin
    I love that album, best from theirs.
  • Avatar for pyschoklown2
    last good album in my opinion
  • Avatar for horiiz0ns
    good quality PNG cover uploaded:
  • Avatar for Junior_Lins
    because I'm getting away with murder!
  • Avatar for byqui
    Scars/Getting away with murder/Be free/Take me/Tyranny of Normality ❤
  • Avatar for danpaparoach
    Getting away with murder!!!
  • Avatar for Javaification
    WTF with the tracklist! [2]
  • Avatar for Devilish-Death
    WTF with the tracklist!
  • Avatar for CS_Cuillere
    hey, you
  • Avatar for unwrittenx
    Lyrically AMAZING.
  • Avatar for bawitback
    uninspired, boring album
  • Avatar for rok2slayr
    Best all around PR album.
  • Avatar for MaryForsberg
  • Avatar for impudentxsmile
    Take me Cool Song <3
  • Avatar for Marcelita_Linda
    Love this song
  • Avatar for waberskiJ
    where is tracklist? oO
  • Avatar for gunleik
    This is the best and the last album that was any good.
  • Avatar for boo_malfoy
    the best <333 [2]
  • Avatar for DL_Freak
    best album for ever x3
  • Avatar for Un_Necessary
    the best <333
  • Avatar for alejandro555
    i very cool
  • Avatar for alejandro555
    es super guay
  • Avatar for Daga000
    This is a great band ! <3
  • Avatar for Nero003
    Take me Cool Song
  • Avatar for Stannum-119
    Bonuses, maybe?
  • Avatar for Kriskros93
    there are missing 3 Song's!!!!!!!! 13Harder than a coffein Nail .... 14Cought dead .... 15 Take me ( Life)
  • Avatar for Nested_doll26
    Best album ever! [2]
  • Avatar for gothic-mayhem
    i cant wait to get this album!!!!!! :D
  • Avatar for gothic-mayhem
    I love "Not Listening" and "Getting Away With Murder" those are my fav
  • Avatar for gothic-mayhem
    sick band!!!~
  • Avatar for gothemodude
    i just love this band!!!!!!
  • Avatar for gothemodude
    this is da best band eva!!!!!!
  • Avatar for hisshadow1
    very nice driving guitars and bass, perfect for driving!
  • Avatar for bigyin96
    awesome band!!
  • Avatar for Nu_RaKu
    Hmm... I have to say that this one doesn't sound as great as their previous albums...but still kicks ass!
  • Avatar for strangeve
    nice tunes xD
  • Avatar for unwrittenx
    beautifulll :D
  • Avatar for fanofspeed
    PR's best album.
  • Avatar for Surcrat
    Nice album =D


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