• Two new albums

    27 Mar 2008, 13:08 by popphenrik

    Got two new good albums today.

    Panzer Talk - Panzer Talk
    Suprisingly good album of difficult to describe sound. 6 songs in a folk/lo-fi/elephant6 kind of style.

    Justus Kohncke - Safe And Sound
    You can almost always trust Kompakt. Now they has released the first really good techno-album this year.
  • Best music week 11

    10 Mar 2008, 17:58 by popphenrik

    1. Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago

    ALBUM. A proper release of the 2007 self-released album. Like an acoustic Band of Horses or a more melodic Hayden, maybe a mix between Iron & Wine and Neutral Milk Hotel. Soon to be enormously popular. Simply gorgeous. Review here.

    2. Days - Downhill

    ALBUM. 7 Inch + CD EP of the most lovely melodic indiepop ala The Smiths, Orchids.. From Gothenburg Sweden.

    3. Hästpojken - Caligula

    ALBUM. Can´t stop listening to this CD of short catchy punk/indiepop songs. Eklandagatan and Utan personlig insats are the favorites songs at the moment.

    4. Tyler Ramsey - Worried

    SONG. Amazing Red House Painters-like song from the great album A Long Dream About Swimming Across the Sea.

    5. Mixtapes & Cellmates and Yeasayer

    CONCERT. Still remember this fantastic concert at Debaser i Malmö.

    6. Mountain Goats - Heretic Pride

    ALBUM. Their best since the 1996 album Nothing for Juice. Compared to the last couple of albums Heretic Pride is a little more intense. …