• Pantheon - "Dead or Alive" EP review from

    28 Jun 2008, 11:14 by hazelangus

    "Dead or Alive EP" review from

    Pantheon, not to be confused with the seven (!) other bands of the same name, hail from York, UK. Fusing old school thrash, classic speed and heavy metal together to create their own, unique sound - while not stepping to far from the old-school genre.

    Intense riffs, technical drums, laid back vocals – Pantheon know exactly how to play their instruments. The title track, Dead or Alive, kicks us off. A great track to start an album; a classic, speed metal riff begins and after about a thirty seconds, we're introduced to Arran, the vocalist. Now, honestly, it took me a few listens to really dig this guys' vocals. I was expecting something you'd head on a Judas Priest release - high pitched, old-school rock/heavy metal vocals. Arran's' vocals are virtually the complete opposite; spoken, clear, teenage vocals. After a while you begin to see how they actually do suit the music and are, in fact, the icing on the cake, so to speak. …
  • Pantheon - "Dead or Alive" EP review from Loucifer Speaks - 8.6/10

    9 Jun 2008, 15:37 by hazelangus

    Band: Pantheon
    CD Title: Dead or Alive EP
    Year: 2007
    Label: None
    Featured on: Loucifer Speaks exclusive!
    Rating: 8.6 / 10

    Pantheon hail from Yorkshire - so they're close enough that I can feel a surge of homegrown pride when I listen to them, but far enough away so that I've never experienced this live. From what I've seen of the band's photographs, they look young. Insanely young. So young that - when coupled with the fact that this EP is more than rather good - will fill you with an insane amount of jealousy. Anyway, I'll try to get the green-eyed monster under control and attempt to review the music of these young, talented bastards...

    "Dead or Alive" opens the EP and it gets straight to the point. There's no fancy intro, no build up, no fuss, no hype... just straight forward Metal... …