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Gabriel Otto and Ryan Burnett met on the set of a made for television movie. Ryan was 20 and Gabriel 22 years of age. Ryan soon found Gabriel to be a compulsive liar and began leading him into blatant lies, false witnesses, tall tales, and so on, in front of respected people in the film world, just for kicks. It was not long before the two began panhandling on a street corner outside the studio. That very day, as luck would have it, a Lamborghini Countach pulled up outside of the very studio building where they were panhandling and let Gabriel in. Ryan never saw him again… until the next day when Gabriel sauntered up in his fresh new suit and dropped a twenty into his tin cup. Ryan and Gabriel immediately went into business as marketing strategists for NBC, raking in billions before it was discovered that Ryan had been a man dressed as businessman the whole time, at which time they were immediately terminated. Outside the studio, a helicopter touched down and a muscle man scooped ryan up into the belly of the whirlybird, leaving Gabriel alone and destitute. Gabriel never saw Ryan again… until the next day when Ryan moseyed up in his new scuba diving suit and poured liquid silver into his tin cup. Prominent politicians began hitting the pair up for endorsements and what have you, until Gabriel finally gave in and got behind Sarah Palin For President. The weeks went by, but it never became clear to anyone on the Sarah Palin For President Advisory Committee that Gabriel was using a fish for a microphone. Nobody was hearing anything he said! Ryan, meanwhile, had become the Chief Advisor on the Sarah Palin For President Advisory Committee, but through entirely different avenues. Ryan had sent in his application through Craigslist. It was not long before Palin herself began to smell the strong odor of rotting fish, and immediately the two were kicked off the campaign trail. Then, in 2013, Sarah Palin kicked them out of the United States because she was now in charge of that. Since then, the two have been forced to make a living illegally as third class citizens in the fields of menial labor, science, and music.

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