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  • quiet city = new instant favorite
  • Music for soul.
  • this guy never fails to deliver
  • Latest LP tops Quiet City as my favorite of his, by a wide margin. It's that good.
  • the first track is one of the best things he has ever done i think
  • new album... tearjerker
  • bangin'
  • New album, April 2013 Cloud room, Glass room is out.
  • Stream/download a new track here http://www.eastvillageradio.com/content/content.php?id=5863
  • On the horizon : Pan•American - Cloud Room, Glass Room 2xLP/CD (Kranky) - April 2013
  • 136
  • deep and beautiful <3
  • After listening to Quiet City, For Waiting For Chasing, and 360 Business 360 Bypass, Pan American is beginning to be one of my favorite artists. Why haven't I checked them out more before.
  • only album The River made no Sound do that things to me... maby that was just a moment for that... don't know, but I don't need it again
  • I never tried falling asleep to music before but I prefer to listen to music like this before I sleep sometimes.
  • ok, but i cant believe that someone can fall asleep listening to The River Made No Sound!!! it just keeps you stay on the middle between sleep and awake, causes hypnagogic hallucinations and tourtures you until you press stop!
  • Pan American helps me sleep [2]
  • Check out this free available release: [url=http://archive.org/details/SineRider-FollowThePowerlines/]SineRider - Follow The Powerlines[/url]
  • u kinda neurotics
  • Pan American helps me to live.
  • Pan American helps me sleep
  • his first lp is great!
  • Ever growing with every listen
  • The River Made No Sound is so fucken good
  • High quality coffee pic needs more votes NOW: http://www.last.fm/music/Pan%E2%80%A2American/+images/61222527
  • In fact I can't stand the music on any level but I listen to it almost everyday neintheless ; )
  • It's all relative, exactly. "The River Made No Sound" isn't disappointing at all.
  • bio is kinda outdated
  • loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • yep. "the river made no sound" is disappointing.
  • All albums before "the river made no sound" are excellent. After that it became a little bit.... boring. The special feeling has gone. [2]
  • All albums before "the river made no sound" are excellent. After that it became a little bit.... boring. The special feeling has gone. Is it the child?
  • oK
  • I have 'Quiet City' and think it is incredible. Where should I go from here?
  • great artist! best album: the river made no sound
  • Better than Labradford
  • Probably my wife's favorite music, we love it
  • Okay.
  • <3
  • good.
  • love
  • By the power of darkness!
  • Hello...I would like to invite you to listen to this http://www.last.fm/music/Wacky+Southern+Current
  • 136
    legend .
  • Similar to Hooverphonic debut album
  • Where can i download their albums ... cool stuff .. can't locate it in Malaysia!
  • Last time I listened to PA, it was in all caps. So glad they changed it. 360 Business / 360 Bypass is one of the best records that I need to listen to more. I have his new one on vinyl from Kranky, and need to listen to it more...
  • love this!!!!!!!
  • Quiet City is beautiful stuff.
  • kudos to Mr Nelson - quiet city has been accompaniying our lives throughout the years and it still sustains its magnificence..............................cheers from stuttgart, [artist]Grímsey[/artist]


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