• The Streetlamp Doesn't Cast Her Shadow Anymore - No.7

    27 Jul 2010, 19:25 by sighrens

    Hi All,

    Hope you have time to visit our indie-music blog at:

    For anyone who hasn't visited yet the aim of the blog is not just to promote our favourite indie artists, but to also help and support those who allow their music to be listened to, streamed or downloaded for free.
    If you share our passions, or if you are a like-minded band or artist then please feel free to contribute or to link your own page to our Blog.

    Recent articles have featured:

    The Sweet Acids
    The Smiths
    Brilliant at Breakfast
    WeePOP! Records
    The Trashmen
    The Four Speeds
    Rosa Yemen
    The Kat Cosm
    Finders Keepers
    The Chesterfields
    The Suzan

    Quite an eclectic mix there I think you'll agree.

  • My second top 10 of free 'soft-indie' music

    15 Feb 2010, 18:48 by emilythe

    I'm feeling quite good today as after 3 months on I've broken the 1000 songs played barrier! I don't know why that mattered to me but I felt it did so be happy for me. I also hope that you'll check out my playlists as I've posted my second top 10 of the best soft-indie acts who provide multiple free downloads (my MP3 player is filling up nicely). I didn't really intend to do one of these a month but I got some nice feedback from my first list and I also realised that I had another 10 artists who fitted the bill. As before, this is a playlist of the kind of music I love. It's not quite indie and it's not quite folk. Some of the acts featured are determinedly, lovably lo-fi and some are a wee bit more folky and considered. They all though exist in my ideal musical world where the songs are sometimes short, catchy and witty and sometimes soft, honest and heartbreaking. As in the first playlist I posted, the best artists manage to combine both sensibilities. …