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Planetamar was an Argentina based synthpop band. Formed by Mauro Tarelli (music, programming and synths), Pablo Massei (vocals, lyrics) and Mariana González (backing vocals). Mauro and Pablo composed the songs and Mauro sequenced them in his Atari ST computer. Around 1999 they performed live in Buenos Aires with other synthpop acts like MHz, also added a second male back vocalist who came back from Spain. They released an EP with 6 songs in "beta versions" distributed only where they performed live, and later on they recorded a full 11 track album named "Vox Pop". Curiously when they went to register their tracks and band for public release, the "Planetamar" name was already taken so they have to change to something else, and "Antartica" was chosen. Besides they new name they were always remembered as "Planetamar". Their last performance was around 2001 supporting "Miranda!" in the now closed place called "Cemento" in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Later on Mauro and Pablo disbanded by some differences.
Pablo changed his artistical name to "Paul Plush" and released two songs, one it was a cover from an ERASURE song, "When I Needed You" included on a various artists compilation, and later on a self composed song named "Deja Vu", disfributed freely on his own blog (not longer online).

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