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PJ Harvey

When Under Ether (2:14)


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  • http://www.metrolyrics.com/when-under-ether-lyrics-pj-harvey.html
  • Peaky Blinders. ♥
  • Lighten up love.
  • Always makes me think of an extract I read from The Handmaid's Tale in English.
  • I love this song so much. It has such fantastic lyrics <3
  • Great song
  • she's so fucking talented it's almost horrifying
  • 哈維是最好的
  • :) good shout @abunono ! Is this a fair translation?? "The Arab is very hospitable man. When you meet in the Sahara Desert to the child, he will entertain fantastic. At night, when the moon shines brightly, the stars shine, and his Fatima is away, Youssuf feels very lonely. Then he lies down as his favorite camel. Conclusion: The Arab is humble and loves nature" (http://translate.google.co.uk)
  • Il Għarbija hija raġel ħafna ospitabbli. Meta inti tissodisfa fil-deżert tas-Saħara lil tifel, hu ser divertiment meraviljuż. Bil-lejl, meta l-qamar jiddi jgħajjat​​, l-istilel shine, u Fatima tiegħu huwa bogħod, Youssuf iħoss ħafna solitarju. Imbagħad huwa jinsab isfel bħal ġemel favoriti tiegħu. Konklużjoni: Il Għarbija hija umli u tant iħobb natura.
  • The dress, the piano, the tour.....Awesome.
  • She is so amazing.
  • PJ is just the very best. I love everything she creates.
  • Good song from an amazing album.
  • Can I press the heart button a million times? Thanks.
  • cool song.
  • .
  • hübsch
  • beautiful.
  • delicious
  • pezzo migliore del disco.
  • PHOENIX flatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutardsflatutards
  • I love this song. I love the whole album. Look at some T.S. Eliot poetry if you enjoy the lyrics they are super influenced by him.
  • The piano part is so catchy.
  • this song is amazing.
  • She sounds like a little girl and it's so creepy and fantastic.
  • This whole cd is growing on me
  • it resonates
  • enchanting and mesmerizing
  • beautiful, power, shameless, open, dark.
  • i think white chalk is her best album...it was my first of her
  • beautiful song, beautiful Pj
  • god DAMN this song is perfect. blows my mind
  • *.*
  • wunderschön
  • :-) ~ just in: 7 ~ ♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥ ~ Vol. 3 ~ best of the best ~ in all ~ "High-Saphir playlists"… ~ http://www.lastfm.de/user/High-Saphir/library/playlists/36tim_
  • No more perfect voice can be found anywhere.
  • Human kindness.
  • Hm... this song reminds me of some old song...yes I mean old like the Neil Young in the 70's...dunno what song exactly but there is somethin in my mind that tells me i've heard something similar already.... great song btw :]
  • Polly , what else?
  • great to see PJ harvey take her sound in new directions like this, erriely beautiful.
  • beautiful
  • This song is like a drug itself - masterpiece!
  • Very eerie
  • So great!
  • Huffing you say?
  • El silencio se mueve a nuestro ritmo, Polly.
  • does anybody knows how to play it?
  • PJ ma jaja..


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