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  • Avatar for blacckcoffee
    greatest song ever!!!
  • Avatar for Jock_Itch
    Thom Yorke gives this song a penis... If you know what I mean...
  • Avatar for Alicesque
    This was the greatest surprise ever. I heard PJ with Mark Lanegan on his Bubblegum album, so picked this up. Was so shocked to hear Thom Yorke as well. Great song.
  • Avatar for canevrim
    Night and day I dream of Making love to you now baby
  • Avatar for galbi
    He does, for James at least. Me? For me Thom ruins nothing, ever.
  • Avatar for sofia_h
    Thom Yorke does NOT ruin the song!
  • Avatar for allsixstrings
  • Avatar for TeenageCreep
    perfect chemistry
  • Avatar for frtkpt
    great song & greatest duet ever made!
  • Avatar for luplik
    omg... it's so orgasmic... ;)
  • Avatar for mechloeyeah
    This song is like the child of two of my favourite artsits <3333333
  • Avatar for elJuan
    Don't usually like Thom Yorke but this track is fantastic.
  • Avatar for Stumbleine_
    just amazing.....
  • Avatar for chryzantema
    Thom Yorke only makes this song better :)
  • Avatar for VanderWaals
    love, love, love this song. And Thom york doesn't ruin it ¬¬
  • Avatar for HighOnSunday51
    Thom Yorke ruins it.
  • Avatar for Giando83
    PJ Harvey + Thom Yorke = great song! :D
  • Avatar for goodies006
    Love this tune... great
  • Avatar for idlehands
    One of my favourite songs.
  • Avatar for portishphonic
    God how I love this song...PJ's voice in the backround...gorgeous
  • Avatar for Blessedheart
    This is an excellent duet.


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