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  • Avatar for PapaBernd
    Ozzy!!!! einfach wunderbar
  • Avatar for nelsinhojuneca
    good one from Ozz...
  • Avatar for christerix62
    Ozzy ! fuck you 're great ....
  • Avatar for Sulisk
    Love it, Mega
  • Avatar for Sal1982honk
    Ozz is the king of metal - hands down !! Nobody better...really !!
  • Avatar for pexerider
  • Avatar for metallichik
    When Ozzy still sounded good live!!
  • Avatar for smlpurple
    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for ogame73
    One of the best singers in the world!!!OZZY FOREVER
  • Avatar for stanohe
    The 80'sest Ozzy album
  • Avatar for IzzyToxic
    They've remixed this song 800 ways and they all kick ass.
  • Avatar for Colony666
    this song and video is so 80's, makes you wanna go back
  • Avatar for stillwater666
    ozzy hell yeah
  • Avatar for rustr
    voices are calling from inside my head......
  • Avatar for matiaaass
    best song Ozzy !!!!
  • Avatar for jammy_fred
    fantastic song
  • Avatar for Noxbi
    It souds like Dio's "Rock 'n' Roll Children".
  • Avatar for DeadDeserted
    Children of bodom version is absolute shit. What a disgrace to such a good song.
  • Avatar for liandrovsk
    hope you keep singing forever
  • Avatar for emilainz
  • Avatar for rockyrotten
    Muy buena rola de el Master O-Z-Z-Y. Salud.
  • Avatar for kostarussia
    JaneJean Agree!!! One of the best from Ozzy!!!!
  • Avatar for stefaniuzza
    definitely one of my favourites!!!! Ozzy we luv ya!
  • Avatar for Nany25
    One of my favorites! There's also the JSS version of this song, pretty cool.
  • Avatar for eyesofthedead66
    abosolutely amazing
  • Avatar for sandroputini
    I love this music..........great song......
  • Avatar for sandroputini
    I remenber ................
  • Avatar for lothar27
    love this track!! .......memories.......
  • Avatar for Rodrigo_Tremere
    ole ole ole ole ..... ozzy ozzy !!!!!!!
  • Avatar for JaneJean
    Fantastico !!!!!!
  • Avatar for ReS4K4
    que buen zarpa en esta
  • Avatar for jordivg
    que supertemazo
  • Avatar for r00dris
    The version from Just Say Ozzy is the best version.
  • Avatar for r00dris
    This track is my favorite from him.
  • Avatar for vicovico2
    yeah i love too
  • Avatar for JaneJean
    BOMBASTIC TRACK..... Shot in the dark...!!!!!! I love IT !!!!!!
  • Avatar for JaneJean
    This track is still my HEART !!! Angel song..... GREAT OZZY....FANTASTIC....!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Oiwb
    Great Ozzy the Madman!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for ozzyozz666616
    ozzy rules
  • Avatar for Aroplan
    it speacks for itself...
  • Avatar for bass_beast
    wow!!!!! awesome song!!!!!
  • Avatar for r-y-b-a-k-o-v
    Супер, хоть и попсово )
  • Avatar for Cisse666
    shot in the dark!!
  • Avatar for Carmelo53
    видимо Ози пожелал сам у себя,не мозги,не сердце...а голос
  • Avatar for natonius1
    My very first concert in '86 - Never forget it!!!!!!
  • Avatar for KTMRC8
    Lets Rock !!
  • Avatar for MetalGenes
    One of the few songs about Peter Sellers' classic comedy crime caper!!
  • Avatar for Aristarhov
    Всем привет!
  • Avatar for OnklTeje
    Of all live versions, it's the one from Just Say's not the best version around...
  • Avatar for huligan45
    OZZY из страны ОЗ !


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