• Vampires

    26 Sep 2006, 15:27 by innerbrat

    Another playlist project. This one's for the vampires. Specifically the vampires from Joss Whedon's comic Fray.

    Three parts to this - at least. I may add more.

    Firstly: The generic vampire tracks. The ones about being a member of a big tough city gang of undead.
    Dead of the Night
    Party With the Animals

    Icarus The original leadre of the lurks of Versi, Icarus looks in his early thirties. Tough, proud and cool, Icarus is classic Bad Boy.
    Sympathy for the Devil
    Wicked Young Man

    Harth Fray - The One Who Will Lead
    Harth has a destiny. He's known this for as long as he can remember. The trouble is, he always thought it was someone else's destiny.
    Harth's twin sister, Melaka, is the Slayer. Destined to save the world from demons and vampires, she has supernatural strength and speed, and was supposed to be guided by mystical dreams and subconscious memories of the Slayers before her. However, by some twist of fate, the dreams and the knowledge went to her weaker brother…