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  • Avatar for rowatson21
    Great Song [2]
  • Avatar for janjamon
    showwwwww! na voz de OZZY é uma loucura.
  • Avatar for opsjuulia
    amo demais essa música... ♥
  • Avatar for tokahunas
  • Avatar for RomeoAlpha52
    Close your eyes and ...
  • Avatar for JanFrede
    softy song but still, this song matches my person
  • Avatar for Dyskolos74
    Sequel to John Lennon's "Imagine" [2]
  • Avatar for artymyna
    My soul, my love ...) Dreamer - best song of all time...
  • Avatar for Lothar72
    Great Song
  • Avatar for MaliniJay
    Great Song
  • Avatar for BIG-D313
    Dream of better days!!
  • Avatar for lukasz_pulawski
    Sequel to John Lennon's "Imagine"
  • Avatar for captaindeath22
    Beautiful song
  • Avatar for PrettyStar
    Song for Lennon
  • Avatar for BabichokLast
  • Avatar for Loner64
    How have I never heard this before.. ;o
  • Avatar for EriF_JR
  • Avatar for fernandampaes
    fucking awesome.
  • Avatar for ADAMLEEGUZMAN
    What a great Ballad song....enjoy so much
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Great song <3
  • Avatar for zepp44
    great song!!!!....:)
  • Avatar for TeoLicks
    ♫ great
  • Avatar for SKeene1956
    Totally awesome!!! But then Ozzy always has been from day one with Black Sabbath. Rock one Ozzy as you have a hell of a lot of heart. Don't let the bitchs kick you down.
  • Avatar for pusteblume003
    such a great song
  • Avatar for rockandrolljoe
  • Avatar for bigbarnyard84
    great song cunts
  • Avatar for MarkusMi
    mal was zum ein schlafen
  • Avatar for jhawk0134
    I love this song so much too :)
  • Avatar for ImSickAndTired
    I love this song so much
  • Avatar for Force_of_Will
    Obvious troll is obvious.
  • Avatar for Scotty5150
    This is obvously not justin timberlake...if you people can't tell the difference between the 2 then I don't know about ya's
  • Avatar for Roba-fett
    Silly computer, Ozzy has nothing to do with that high pitched; balls haven't dropped yet..piece of untalented crap
  • Avatar for leo-gomes
    Knuffelrock - Justin timberlake?² Fuck off
  • Avatar for Justgotmyperiod
    Knuffelrock - Justin timberlake? whuh
  • Avatar for sonidosecreto
  • Avatar for faszinationen
    we love each other!
  • Avatar for faszinationen
    I'm just a dreamer and ...hohohoo the dreams came true!!!*****
  • Avatar for Neon_Spadezzz
    This was my song from when I had panic attacks. (no sympathy) it reminds me of when it helped me.
  • Avatar for M4R1LIA
    In his autobiography, Ozzy says that is a fan of Paul McCartney. Well...well...this song mmmm Love it!
  • Avatar for TruVoL
  • Avatar for rockportgirl
    God, I was so in love with Ozzy when I was 16, 17. Black eyeliner, OZZY written across my knuckles, round glasses. Ah, the good old days
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  • Avatar for vovillia
    Great song! .........what's Knuffelrock 16?
  • Avatar for WiJoCo
    @EquiWish, I was thinking the same thing just now. It must be Ozzy's tribute to him. Lyrically and musically, it has similarity to "Imagine" by John Lennon. The piano tempo is almost identical and some lyrics intertwine with it. - - From 'Imagine': "You might say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us, and the world can live as one" - John Lennon - - - - - ...And Ozzy covered that song later on, didn't he?
  • Avatar for EquiWish
    great song, and also, to some extent, a great tribute to Lennon
  • Avatar for LikkleFreakie
    Loooooooooove !
  • Avatar for rockandrolljoe
    Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy
  • Avatar for Arthurpe_
    Perfect, ♥
  • Avatar for MInnnn
    i'm just a Bieber..
  • Avatar for mikeundead1
    lovley song :)


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