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  • Avatar for Chrilu
    3 - 4 songs are just awesome, but the rest is a little meh...
  • Avatar for IronPenguin
    I didn't like this album in 1995. A big step down in energy after the awesome No More Tears. However, I revisited it as it's 20 years old and I found myself enjoying it more. It's definitely more sedate than everything before it, but still some quality tracks on there.
  • Avatar for Peace_Sells86
    One of his weaker efforts.
  • Avatar for Wacke666
    Perhaps this is Ozzy's most dated-sounding album, but it has really grown on me over the years. I get a nice 90's feel every time I listen to this, and it's pretty unique in sound and compostion among Ozzy's albums. It's far from his best, but not his worst either. I probably think this is better than anything he has released after this, at least.
  • Avatar for Dm169
    these guy below me is completely wrong. \\/
  • Avatar for nlventura93
    Ozzy's worst album for me.
  • Avatar for Walker15
    Old L.A. Tonight.
  • Avatar for -PHANTASY-
    Getting more used to this album, it really is very overlooked!
  • Avatar for TheMojotaker
    I just love this "I just want you".....!!
  • Avatar for JoodWood
    Лучший его альбом!Странно что так мало прослушек.
  • Avatar for fretless11
    GREAT GREAT album!!! ;)
  • Avatar for CycoMikie
  • Avatar for CycoMikie
    great abum
  • Avatar for fefefefernando
    The saddest album ever. And I love it.
  • Avatar for Nikitozzyk
    Мой любимый альбом
  • Avatar for MannyNix
    Tracks 3, 6, 7 and 8 are ALL CAPS. Could somebody fix this, please? Thanks
  • Avatar for lucifeuer
    [Sound of phone ringing] “Yes?” “Hey, Geezer, this is Ozzy, how are you?” “I’m fine mate, and you?” “I’m okay now. Listen Geezer, would you like to make an album together? I have some great ideas. ”Something like the Diary… album?” “No man, who wants to listen to this crap nowadays? I’m working on some shit that will play massively on the radio worldwide. We will make it big time!” “Sure lad, you can count me in”. /// So fucking boring mainstream shit!
  • Avatar for RenanFaria
    sweet perry mason..
  • Avatar for Psyscho
    terribly underrated. [2]
  • Avatar for Jet_666
    I wasn't expecting an album like this from Ozzy if I'm being honest.. it's awesome!!! Love 'I Just Want You'.
  • Avatar for thiozzy
    Ozzy's best vocal performance of all time
  • Avatar for sebadagostino
    Great album!
  • Avatar for Happy_Funeral
    Yes. Awesome album!!!
  • Avatar for Vantaig
    terribly underrated.
  • Avatar for r3nt4gh0st
    Who could imagine such a tune could happen to you...
  • Avatar for K160792
    альбум ну просто потрясный
  • Avatar for miracleman88
    Last great Ozzy album. Forgotten classic. Softer stuff, but the quality is still there. I would rate it 4.5
  • Avatar for u-neeks
    wondering where are all your Ozzmosis plays? >.> [album artist=Ozzy Osbourne]OZZMOSIS[/album]
  • Avatar for thazi
    its my favorite ozzy record :)
  • Avatar for infra_vermelho
    Álbum muito bom!
  • Avatar for fretless11
    This album is in my top 4 Ozzys albums!!! Such great sons like Perry Manson, See you on the other side, Ghost behind my eyes... :D
  • Avatar for bugdzzz
    Epic and best album
  • Avatar for DavCnuk
    please fix scrobbles! he system keeps automatically sending all scrobbles to "Ozzy Osbourne -"!
  • Avatar for ghostfacelv
    Вырос на этом ублюдке...И обожаю его до сих пор. Tomorrow-это "мурашки по коже".
  • Avatar for Margo53
    yes,very good album!
  • Avatar for thiozzy
    best vocal performance of Ozzy on a disk, ozzy is the best ... eternal life for God / Prince of darkness
  • Avatar for tr00erthantr00
  • Avatar for thiozzy
    please fix it, not just the cover, and also scrobbles
  • Avatar for Glauco_Silva
    DAMN IT… even with the right cover, the system keeps automatically sending all scrobbles to "[artist]Ozzy Osbourne -[/artist]"! The only track scrobbled correctly is the lst one. Can someone please fix this?
  • Avatar for lagomorph32
    no it is not
  • Avatar for thiozzy
    the cover of the disc is wrong
  • Avatar for didiwawa
    Piekny kawalek!
  • Avatar for Phantom665
    Best metal album ever, masterpiece
  • Avatar for ThiagoLopez
    boy, isn't this a great album
  • Avatar for MRKILLINGJOKE
    You can feel & hear OZZMOSIS is a very personal journey threw OZZY mind. OZZY RULES !!
  • Avatar for HDS7
    amazing album, my favorite of te wylde ones.
  • Avatar for fondula
    This one is sometimes overlooked due to its lack of uptempo tracks but god damn does it have great songs, and I just love the thick production sound.
  • Avatar for Wizz21
    Last big Classicalbum of Ozzy, Down to Earth had its Moments too but it just faded compared to this Masterpiece
  • Avatar for Pixiebass
    Cool album!
  • Avatar for S4arth
    one of the best ever, and definitely the greatest done by Ozzman


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