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  • Avatar for exprof
  • Avatar for Avantasya
    He's so underrated.
  • Avatar for nelin9
    Wow love it so good!
  • Avatar for Zar-Unity
    His voice sounds like that singer from Coldplay. I don't like coldplay but I think that I like Ozark Henry. Ozark's music is experimental in all the good ways of pop.
  • Avatar for slonoedov
  • Avatar for khong-nen
    Piet, viens en France, on t'aime aussi ici :)
  • Avatar for Yellowfield
    This Last Warm Solitude still is his best album
  • Avatar for itsme211
    20-12-2010 Melkweg Amsterdam live gig !! Not much contact with the public but a super gig, i enjoyd every moment and sure will come again if he comes to the Netherlands !! Thanx for a GREAT GIG !!!
  • Avatar for lecoqterence
    Impression after complete listening : there is only one acceptable song (A Night Sea Journey), the other song have all boring rhythms and melodies. And I can't stand some songs like for example "This One's For You".
  • Avatar for Wholigan4life
    about the new album: the first 2 times i hearded it, i seemed weak. now after a third time i really like it; some songs are very good, although the sound is still mellow.
  • Avatar for lecoqterence
    I don't even know if I will listen to the new album, the few extracts I heared are so disappointing. It's so mellow.
  • Avatar for sir_gneiss
    The new album is somewhat dissapointing. Maybe it will grow on me......but my first impression isn't hopeful. To much arranged for my taste. I liked the focus on his voice on the previous albums.
  • Avatar for sidestone
    He deserves more listeners!
  • Avatar for lovelyjellyfish
    He sounds quite a lot like David Gray, no?
  • Avatar for tbeest
    New album in October. Great. Can't wait.
  • Avatar for Aedren
    Good singer. I've heard about him before, but I've never listened to his music before. All I have to say, I wish I did listened to him before!
  • Avatar for shana_love_rhcp
    het verbaast me dat er, zo te zien, nogal weinig naar Ozark Henry wordt geluisterd, nog zo'n geweldige muziek!
  • Avatar for blurrps
    a couple of months ago, just before Remains was relased, played an instrumental piece with female melody singing along with some chanting from Ozark. It was the best piece of music ever and I can't find it anywhere! Does anyone know? Can this be new material from an upcoming album or maybe from Sedes&Belli (the only album I don't have YET)??
  • Avatar for Hecticsnoozer
    Tryin to download his albums for FREEEE. But it just won't happen.
  • Avatar for Starsforsaken
    Zijn nieuwe single 'Remains' is weer prachtig !!
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  • Avatar for Longview1
    Weinig shouts voor zo'n mooie artiest!
  • Avatar for Tirzzz
    merci ;-)
  • Avatar for noddyvantinking
    He's got a few albums available on too, better than Itunes.
  • Avatar for astroju
    YYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!! At last all his top songs are available on full track! AND he's now on iTunes Stores other than Belgium! Come on Piet, you're the best!
  • Avatar for astroju
    He's a genius! He really deserves to be known in other countries! Shame he's not on iTunes Store UK... C'est un génie! Il devrait vraiment être connu dans d'autre pays! Dommage qu'on ne le trouve pas sur l'iTunes Store UK (ou j'habite)...
  • Avatar for Inamo-rato
  • Avatar for tempestas
    De soundtrack van Sedes & Belli blijft toch met voorsprong de beste soundtrack die ik de laatste jaren gehoord heb. Sterk!
  • Avatar for kendalrolley
    he's originally from Bruges, but emigrated to Australia when very young, he won best male artist at the Australian Recording Industry Awards last year. His album Like drawing blood is brilliant
  • Avatar for kendalrolley
    Gotye is an Australian Artist (currently 300,000) plays, fans of Ozark might like songs of his like The Only Way and Coming back... generally a bit of a faster pace than Ozark
  • Avatar for Ohno_ILikeyou
    Waow, niet verwacht dat hij zoveel listeners zou hebben. :]
  • Avatar for festen42
    pleeeeeeeeeeeeease come to germany on next year.. :~(
  • Avatar for GeertVG
    Heeft iemand de nieuwe? God Speed?
  • Avatar for Teije
    I've just discovered this music, very nice :D
  • Avatar for Porphyrogenitus
    All hail Ozark Henry!
  • Avatar for DjBirdy
    Not only a great Artist/Musician but also a great personality!
  • Avatar for tempestas
    Some tracks (from The Sedes & Belli soundtrack) are made available for listening. Finally! Let's hope that more people will discover Ozark Henry's music now.
  • Avatar for ikju66
    Brilliant. <3
  • Avatar for Edelweiss
    he's a musical genius!
  • Avatar for interferish
    why is everybody playing his recent albums? they're crap compared to his early works (i'm seeking something that has already found me, this last warm solitude) such a shame...
  • Avatar for LaBy
    It's Ozark Henry and he's from my birthtown, what else can I say. he is a genius.
  • Avatar for okiedokie
    check out for excellent pics
  • Avatar for frouxx
    Ozark Henry is the best!
  • Avatar for Woutva
    ken die hele gast niet maar het nummer dat ik kruisttocht in spijkerbroek zit was wel vet (paste ook wel bij de aftiteling)
  • Avatar for Astriet
    Similar artists? they're just all from Belgium..
  • Avatar for snader
  • Avatar for Edelweiss
    Saw him at the AB last thursday. Very good concert!!! was impressed.
  • Avatar for Patriek_
    de nieuwe ozark henry is erg goed.
  • Avatar for InAFunnyWay
    Fijne versie van Jocelyn, it's crazy we ain't 16 anymore eergisteren! :)
  • Avatar for Jens89
    Very poor live performance, the man actually can't sing. Albums: good Concerts: not good.


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