• Schizobeat Mixtape

    27. Dez. 2010, 3:55 von spizacepiracy

    DJ set mixed together with WINAMP & FOOBAR! Made for So Simple Radio on Dec 7th/8th 2010... total cross-genre unpredictable weirdness. Fun times!

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    1. trustfundkilla - sugar coated demon arise
    2. gizmode - sincethecrackstep
    3. sakura pups - WHATTHEFUCK!?!?You Destroyed My Track...Fuck You, Timbaland, You're FIRED!!!
    4. djcrabhat - can you make a hipster beat
    5. sick to the back teeth - Staggering Around With Eyes Crossed
    6. pygmy guru - existence cylindrical
    7. pygmy guru - you are frogger
    8. silas ciarán - a pretty little ditty
    9. silencide - sirba
    10. retrigger - mean a swing
    11. sleepers - eating raoul
    12. owl challenger - kaleidoscopic hiccups
    13. stallio / th' mole - a spell to kill dancefloors
    14. eustachian - my name is roar roar
    15. whourkr - freugz
    16. terbo ted - thrashifier
  • solipsistic NATION No. 213: Magicore

    24. Okt. 2010, 3:26 von solipsisticast


    Today's show featuring music selected by the rad lads from the Magicore music blog is so much fun!

    For the last year or so I've been friends with on Twitter. has always had great things to say and posted links to some wonderful links. A lot of links happened to be from his Magicore blog so I subscribed to his feed and was richly rewarded.

    What is Magicore? Magicore is "a style of music primarily deriving influence from various genres of metal, electronic dance music, video-game music, and Japanese pop music. Magicore albums are conceptual in nature and revolve around a science fiction/fantasy storyline, with characters and settings." Magicore as a genre doesn't exist so Magicore the blog posts music that captures the spirit of what Magicore could be.

    I loved the music I was finding on Magicore so I invited to come on the show as a guest DJ to play the music he thought was the very best of Magicore. …