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  • Avatar for maxim_lite
    new song is amazing, very excited for the album
  • Avatar for GumWouldBe
    eu te amo, meu bb
  • Avatar for lebital
    Owen > No good for no one now > the rest...
  • Avatar for Jamesismynamo
    At Home With Owen > No Good for No One Now > I do perceive. > Ghost Town > (the ep) > L'ami du Peuple > The Seaside EP > New Leaves > Owen
  • Avatar for joshuak89
    Not an artist that I can binge-listen to. But he is an artist that I think I will always come back to and listen to for the majority of my life.
  • Avatar for Mortoton
    In Mike Kinsella We Trust.
  • Avatar for ArthurZezao
    eu te amo, meu bb
  • Avatar for BushmanBeats
    oh pretend there's a space between those sentences
  • Avatar for BushmanBeats
    hey everyone agrees with me!!!! love you guys The Ghost Of What Should've Been is very emotional when you get dumped
  • Avatar for kechikjitra
    Who Found Whose Hair In Whose Bed
  • Avatar for roemilca111
    The cover record rules. All about Girl in a Box [2]
  • Avatar for Jamesismynamo
    "That Mouth" is a top 5 track [3]
  • Avatar for noisybishop
    Review of Other People's Songs
  • Avatar for mcbretttetettet
    The cover record rules. All about Girl in a Box
  • Avatar for reconvene
    At least I can see myself in the mirror.
  • Avatar for JBertClassic
    That Mouth is a top 5 track (2)
  • Avatar for whitesharkies
    mike kinsella is so dreamy, always has been, aLWAYS WILL BE
  • Avatar for Capanos
    About ready for another album now. Can't get enough Owen.
  • Avatar for BushmanBeats
    'That Mouth' is a top 5 track. Anyone got the 2003-06-17: Chicago, IL, USA album?
  • Avatar for taylor2008
    Mike can do no wrong
  • Avatar for TorruWearsPrada
    DOTshima you should check out Sun Kil Moon and David Bazan, tho those guys are way more better poets than singers
  • Avatar for DOTshima
    Keaton Henson, Bon Iver, Zach McCoy, William Fitzsimmons, Owen, Iron & Whine, James Vincent McMorrow. Anyone know of more good beard man music?
  • Avatar for davygrohl
    @jamesismynamo I hear you. I'm personally a big fan of "The Ghost of What Should've Been".
  • Avatar for good_bone Session with Owen:
  • Avatar for Jamesismynamo
    "Everyone Feels Like You" kills me every time, No Good for No One Now is such an underrated album
  • Avatar for Sinheadrain
  • Avatar for mercuryadams
    I get why he was influenced by The Sundays.
  • Avatar for ShmapnShmazz
    give okinawa some love
  • Avatar for CPwn
    so fucking good
  • Avatar for amandacattt
    Kinsella does it again. He just nails it every time.
  • Avatar for Hiigg
  • Avatar for bararacucudada
    yeah, new album is fucking gorgeous. Goddamn.
  • Avatar for JackBz
    Welp, that was one of the best first listens of an album in my life, and the last song made me cry. Owen eh.
  • Avatar for JackBz
    Why the fuck didn't anybody tell me there was a new album out OH MY GOD
  • Avatar for jckdvnprt
    New album is exactly what I wanted it to be. Mike can't make bad music.
  • Avatar for Capanos
    NEVER disappoints. Fucking hell I love Owen.
  • Avatar for diehappyx33
    New album is so phenomenal.
  • Avatar for noisybishop
    Review of the lovely L'ami du peuple
  • Avatar for DevinLeFevere
    New Album is so good. Vivid Dreams is the best song that I've ever listened to, like ever.
  • Avatar for davygrohl
    goddamn how is he so consistently good?
  • Avatar for BossaQuest
    The new LP is really fantastic, another solid release from one of my favorite artists.
  • Avatar for aircorridor
    I love you, Mike
  • Avatar for diehappyx33
    can't wait to spend the summer with this one. [3]
  • Avatar for Jamesismynamo
    can't wait to spend the summer with this one. [2]
  • Avatar for Cosmonaut_
    L'Ami du Peuple is unbelievable. I can't really say anything more than what UCHalcyon has already said.
  • Avatar for myownsky
  • Avatar for UCHalcyon
    "L'Ami" seems like Mike's hit a 'new level' in the way "At Home With" felt. The production sounds so good, the lyrics are so moving, the melodies as intricate and delicate and gorgeous as ever... can't wait to spend the summer with this one.
  • Avatar for aka_buriedalive
    L'Ami du Peuple <3
  • Avatar for kenziejaneee
    New album is amazing ^-^
  • Avatar for TheBrza
    ooh, the album version of A Fever is a nice surprise.


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