Widow's Peak Music Festival

10 May 2010 | from

Widow's Peak Music Festival

Last year our coolest gig fell at the worst time. We had 2 other gigs scheduled that weekend AND the minor task of moving clean out of the Overhouse. So as you can see out time was quite....wait...I'm sorry...did I just write minor...I meant 'the MAJOR task of moving clean out of the Overhouse.' (J: why didn't you just go back and edit it? M: I'm moving with purpose here, just buy in for another minute or two...)

The Overhouse had seen 8 roomates during its fine stretch: Me, Aaron, Russell, Jason, Jim Frey, Keller, Owen, and Duddy all reside(d?) (resode?) there. It also had unofficial roomates who seemed to live there.

Besides going thru minor (The RV, Monday, Any Weekend) and major (Duddy) catastrophies that somehow embedded fodder, dirt, luggage and other permenant garbage into the cracks, walls, and rooms, each part or full time resident had brought some sort of unnecessary luggage that never left. The stuff built and built.

The house weighed a million tons I'm sure.

So between 3 shows, general moving, general figuring out what the hell to do with all this shit, and generally filling up 2 forty foot dumpsters, we had spare time to festival it up.

So we were tired. Exhausted. Cranky. Worried. And it was Cold. Wet. Windy. Muddy.

And still it was the most fun I had all year (and if you don't think it had some competition, remember that I lived in the Overhouse).

Widow's Peak 2010 is going to be unbelievable. This year I go in happy, refreshed, confidant, AND there is going to be great weather (at least it can't be as bad as last year...). More bands. More Friends. More Fun. One Low Price.
Please come celebrate Widow's Peak Festival with me, the rest of Overman, and all the cool cats you will meet there (or already know!).

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