• Rosie Thomas and Over the Rhine

    2 Nov 2007, 04:16 by Andrewski

    Thu 1 Nov – Over the Rhine, Rosie Thomas
    I'm new at this whole reviewing thing, but I just wanted to post here and say that both Rosie Thomas and Over the Rhine were great tonight.

    Rosie, and sometimes her brother and another guitarist, sang songs of understated intensity and softness. It was the first time I'd heard her, but it won't be the last. Her lyrics of love and tenderness were moving. Highlights: Much Farther to Go and Death Came and Got Me.

    Over the Rhine, touring their latest album The Trumpet Child, were backed by a solid bassist/guitarist and an animated drummer. They played mostly songs from the album with a few older ones thrown in and a great cover of Gillian Welch's Orphan Girl. Very entertaining, and even the few on The Trumpet Child I don't like as well--I'm On A Roll and Don't Wait For Tom--had me dancing and singing along. Well... dancing. Highlights: Nothing Is Innocent and the jazz hymn title track.
  • Over the Rhine: The Trumpet Child, and tour with Rosie Thomas

    22 Aug 2007, 11:28 by puddlegum

    Originally posted on Puddlegum.net.

    Celebrating their tenth studio album, Over the Rhine released The Trumpet Child on August 21. Jason Killingsworth at Paste Magazine has declared The Trumpet Child as, “the best record of Over the Rhine’s career, and I’m happy to go on record saying as much. After my first few listens, what I find most striking is the sense of Friday-at-5pm bliss, the sleeves-up fun of friends hanging out and playing just one more tune… (Seriously this time, last one.)”

    Over the Rhine’s CD release party will be on August 31 at Coney Island Moonlight Gardens in Cincinnati, Ohio. They’ll begin their world tour on September 13 in Seattle, Washington, with Rosie Thomas joining them on October 13.

    Rosie Thomas will be touring the East Coast with Over the Rhine during the month of October. Fans in the UK will have to wait to see Rosie, “due to unforeseen circumstances,” as she had to cancel her appearance at the Greenbelt festival, and Bumbershoot in Seattle.

    Over The Rhine - The Trumpet Child track listing: