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  • Avatar for ReedToGo
    Hey, we are Sunsets Are Forever and we would be really glad if u could check our new song and give us some feedback!
  • Avatar for BruceMcD2020
    Guess who had one of the most played songs on "Steven's Untitled Rock Show?" Check out the full playlist at!
  • Avatar for impeterbenn
    Will they ever come back? They're so good!
  • Avatar for prunnerrunner
    if you get a moment, please listen and scrobble me, if that is in fact, how it works. Thanks people!
  • Avatar for prunnerrunner
    Hey Over It listeners! Check out Peter's new album, fresh off the...errr..upload stream. RIGHT HERE: Fingers crossed for new OI jams in 2013, obviously! :)
  • Avatar for Mario_57
    yeah on Runner Runner's twitter, one of the members tweeted to someone that Over It were writing a new album
  • Avatar for stefan_1986
    They're back apparently...
  • Avatar for elosd
    'Shine' = awesome song
  • Avatar for ind1ekid
    <3 The Energy
  • Avatar for woker182
    Over It were great. How do they changed so much? Where are the crazy vocals and epic fast riffs? So sad.
  • Avatar for felici0us
    Over It > Runner Runner I miss this band so much. Where did you go, Seth? =[
  • Avatar for stefan_1986
    Bring them back.
  • Avatar for Fromage_Fraze
    I never get tired of Outer Banks, so good
  • Avatar for xPoundCakex
    does anyone have any old over it cds that i can download?
  • Avatar for AudreyOdd
  • Avatar for OREayda
    Miss you!
  • Avatar for AshQueen
    Think Against the Grain <3
  • Avatar for azry
    there's never a bad time to put on timing is everything
  • Avatar for xDAANIEL
    Partner In Crime is the best
  • Avatar for Dag_is_Mad
    Drive away till you find a new dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (L)
  • Avatar for Nickpetersen
    Siren on the 101 = the best song
  • Avatar for VanekAtTheDisco
    I really like Caught Up In a Rundown, but unfortunately I can't find it anywhere. If anyone knows, that would be much appreciated.
  • Avatar for rabbitluck
    Partner in Crime has such a good tempo. Awesome song!
  • Avatar for itschinatown
    City Lights = the best.
  • Avatar for orabel
    this is a great tune! love the guitar sound - i'm jealous!
  • Avatar for OREayda
    I fully agree with the guy under me. I insanely miss Over It.
  • Avatar for AMAAS
    come back!!!!!!!!!!!! Runner Runner is good, but Over It could rule the world!
  • Avatar for annaXapple
    so first the send me to crash romeo...and then i find over it on their page. so much better. should've gone here first.
  • Avatar for Orange-Minz
    does anyone know where to get "Timing Is Everything"? please pm me.
  • Avatar for AMAAS
    P.S. "Lost", "Your Song", "Ignore The Noise", "Fall", "Partner In Crime", ""Worry Bomb", and "Weightless" have to be my favorite Over It songs, also does anyone else have their Junction 18 split CD they put out 4 or 5 years ago? those acoustic songs are some of their best as well, if you like Over It as much as me, feel free to add me or hit me up with a comment in my shoutbox, I love meeting new people with good music taste
  • Avatar for AMAAS
    Runner Runner is decent, but Over It is a perfectly crafted band, their next full length will be their best I'm calling it now, with Ryan Ogren (former singer of Don't Look Down) and now Jon Berry (former bassist/melodic singer/better songwriter of Rufio) Over It has all the parts in place to take the pop-punk(and regular) world by storm, just wait and see, back in High School I went in spans where Over It was the only pop band I could listen to, they're soooo much better than most of the shit out there
  • Avatar for irthesteve
    the gotta get over this runner runner shit and get back to over it
  • Avatar for emod3x
  • Avatar for Smsik
    check it out!
  • Avatar for MonkeyTune
    The Energy deserves to be in the top 15.
  • Avatar for TalesHero
    Its really f*cking pop-punk!!!!E-e-e!!!!!
  • Avatar for ChapterXIII
    dom sjunger om hajar
  • Avatar for Burkestar
    THE Shiznit!
  • Avatar for Gramze
    They got some awesome songs. I like this band !
  • Avatar for hollyy___x
    With first listen of their songs, you feel like you've heard it many many times before and good memories.
  • Avatar for skapunk_axel
    Great band ^^
  • Avatar for surfbro16
    dammit i want the strand but the only place i can find it is on itunes. torrent anyone?
  • Avatar for QuoRoxX
    the strand (the new album) is awesome :)
  • Avatar for liss3003
    the singer has an awesome voice!
  • Avatar for ChapterXIII
    hej hej. dom sjunger om hajar
  • Avatar for dewwed
  • Avatar for ValeoAnt
    the new stuff is shit, timing is everything is a great cd though.
  • Avatar for ChristmasCarole
    Catchy & addicting!
  • Avatar for indiechick
    Warped Tour 06!!! Summer memories :D
  • Avatar for xDAANIEL
    its sooo good.


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