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  • XavierViolet9

    This is PURE musical perfection. Raw talent.

    August 2013
  • Turner_Ound


    July 2012
  • luthiennolatari

    It's all I ever do :).

    November 2011
  • febryfawzi

    listening million times! freak enough for this song

    July 2011
  • matt5496

    always loved this song :)

    December 2010
  • enharting

    hard to believe this is even OutKast, such an amazing tune

    April 2010
  • RyanAlexanderB

    Just play it late at night to your lady.

    January 2010
  • Pinkfloydbeck

    This song is so adorable haha. I'm not afraid to admit I get a little smile every time I listen to it! :)

    January 2010
  • winglessdreamer

    I just love this song!

    December 2009
  • PinkFloydrulez

    I've loved this song for years but never knew what norah jones looked like until tonight... who knew she'd have a face beautiful enough to match the voice? yeesh, man...

    June 2009
  • HerrHerr

    so, so delightful {:

    March 2009
  • Zephism

    one of the better songs from sb/tlb

    August 2008
  • systolediastole

    they're great together

    May 2008
  • inphanta

    Baby. Take off. Your coooool. I want to. Get to. Know yoooooooooou......

    May 2008
  • lrwld


    May 2008