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There are 2 bands with the name Out of Hand.

1: Out of hand is five shitheads from the Southern Coast of England.We started out in the summer of 2005,and lets face it we could go on and on like the majority of so called 'Hardcore' bands of 2006 about how we're 'fast pissed off aggressive' or whatever but the truth is we started this band as a 'Fuck you' to pretty much everything and everyone.Since then we've played up and down the country,made a few friends,pissed alot of people off and released a 7" on Hemlock 13,you can pick one up from:
UK:Dead & Gone Records, US:Grave Mistake Records, or by sending £3.75 through paypal to: Hemlock13@googlemail.com.

2: Canada's Out of hand.

Out Of Hand formed in (or at least the bulk of it) 1993 when three highschool friends started a band together. After some experimentation musically and a few member changes they formed into OUT Of HAND. Hardcore partying and intense music is what these guys are all about. In 1997 they were signed to a multi-album deal with Raw Energy Records Toronto Canada and immediately started touring their first release Canadian Gothic which has gone on to become a southern Ontario punk rock favourite. With sold out shows on their first tour in BC, Satckachewan, Manitoba, Ontario & Quebec and sharing the stage with such bands as Propagandhi, The Dayglo Abortions, Deisel Boy, The Nobody's, SNFU, DOA, Trigger Happy & Raised Fist they immediately propelled themselves to one of the top Thrash/ Hardcore bands in Canada. Now after a 4 year hiatus they are back with avengence and are still holding thier own against all of the current music of today. Beware they are coming to a city near you so get ready to cause some shit. A new album is set to be released by early 2007.


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