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"All You Did Was Save My Life" is the first single from Our Lady Peace's seventh studio album Burn Burn. The single was released in Canada on May 25, and in the US on June 9.

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  • Avatar for nping200
    people bag on the new stuff becasue it is generic and doesnt push the genre in any new direction. OLP has been in nuetral since Clumsy released. Im sorry but Naveed is a fantasic album that breaks boundaries. The band pushes their talents in new and sometimes weird directions. Naveed promised an amzing band that would grow in amazing new directions with each release instead, they catered to the masses and left their true fans behind..along with true music. Sorry but its the truth plain and simple.
  • Avatar for smitty10293
    I love OLP, And I don't understand why people bag on their new stuff. Its good music regardless to what they sounded like in the past. Raine as a vocalist Has matured and strayed away from his previous style. And as far as "dirtywalls" opinion goes, i respect it yes, but completely disagree. If you were a True fan, like myself, you wouldn't criticize good work. Not to say you are not a fan, you obviously need to find something that will never change and will always sound the same :P A different sound is what furthers careers, Doing otherwise ends them.
  • Avatar for fabio_c_
    great song :D
  • Avatar for Wise_Guy13
    I almost fall asleep every time this comes on the radio. Pretty terrible =/
  • Avatar for DirtyWalls
    MatthieuBelAmi: You summed up this song in one word: plain. This is easily the most generic song OLP has ever put out. It's only redeeming qualities are the backing vocals and Jer on the hi-hats (although the work on the toms and snare are absolutely boring). I'm not even comparing this to past OLP work... I'm just saying in general it's a bad song (I'm not asking anyone to agree with this, just stating what I feel). This song makes no attempt at any creativity or anything out of the box, and basiclly follows whatever trends are on the radio. Sadly, I'd take another Somewhere Out There or Innocent over this.
  • Avatar for xdivine_infekt
    All she did was save my life<3
  • Avatar for tut0101
    Good song, similar to their tracks from Gravity, although there are better songs on this album.
  • Avatar for MatthieuBelAmi
    Singers say a lot of shit , each time they do a brand new album they're totally sure it's "their best work ever" but yes Naveed is their best work ever and they will never top it....
  • Avatar for Thallos
    I would be more accepting of the sound if Raine Maida himself didn't say that Burn Burn was going to sound more like a Naveed but a "little more mature".
  • Avatar for MatthieuBelAmi
    This is GOOD how can people bash this ? It's perfect mainstream pop/rock single, plain and simple. Stop comparing with their past work, Naveed was Naveed , people grow up and mature, this is something else.

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