• Just some lyrics

    6 Mar 2014, 01:25 by nnnienke

    I cannot deal with you anymore
    Once again you've crossed the line
    And you're underestimating me again

    I forgive the ones who hurt me
    But I'll not forget your name
    All the damage that you've done
    I want to see you pay

    in I Forgive (But I Won't Forget Your Name)

    All the living has to pay the price
    Surround with fear, your death day

    in The Math of the Myth

    Emptiness is loneliness, and loneliness is cleanliness
    And cleanliness is godliness, and god is empty just like me
    Intoxicated with the madness
    I'm in love with my sadness

    in Zero

    Its the rich man's war
    But its the poor that fight

    More capitalist crimes,
    More enemies than allies

    No WMD's - who gives a fuck
    If they die

    Just kill em all - watch em fall
    Skin the world with their lies

    Its a rich man's war
    But its the poor that fight

    in Confrontation

    After all my efforts to rid the demons away
    Since learning by science where to address God
  • Spiritual Intercourse at the Culture Room

    2 Sep 2010, 00:05 by Aki_of_the_dead

    Sat 10 Jul – Otep

    Otep likes using the term "spiritual intercourse" to describe her concerts, and no term could possibly be a better fit. Every aspect of the show brings the audience together as a family of people slamming faces together.

    The 3 bands previously listed (iwrestledabearonce, Bury Tomorrow and Stray from the Path) didn't appear at the Culture Room (there were rumors of an arrest in Augusta from one of the bands). Instead, the opening act was a local group named Saq. As in balls. That is seriously how the singer introduced his band. They were rowdy and enjoyable (the singer looked like a thinned out Dimebag Darrell and sang a bit like Fernando Ribeiro of Moonspell), and gave a rousing cover of Metallica's Frayed Ends of Sanity. Most people just stood there, and the only people who really danced or moshed were the guitarist's family, who stood right next to me, and myself, out of courtesy (mostly during Frayed Ends of Sanity). …
  • Otep’s “Confrontation”

    3 Mar 2008, 17:28 by projectshadow

    Otep has just released her video for the brilliant anti-war song, “Confrontation” from her brilliant album, The Ascension.

    The video blew me away. The voice of Otep, as a umpire walking through the city streets trying to wake up the people. The last few seconds gave me chills. The voice of the people must rise up, and speak out. See the video here.
  • history))

    23 Jul 2007, 06:44 by speakerWP

    иду я значит по лесу...Confrontation