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The story starts in a Belgian city called Hasselt on the 8th of april 1982; Tom Macoye is born.
The following 15 years he grows up like the most of us, in a nice family with friends and the normal school issues.

During those 15 years he develops a hunger for music that will feed his drive as a producer later in his life.
He buys his first dance & hiphop records and is hooked on the "Teknoville" radioshow on Studio Brussel
that brings the best techno/elektro/house music of that time.

He gets so caught up in this music that he wants to express his own feelings in the form of tracks.
At the age of 15 he starts making beats with an old school computer.
During the following 2 years he spends the most of his free time on his attic trying to make beats.
He picked up djing aswell and these 2 years are the start
of what years later turns out to be one of the most promising artists in techno.

At the age of 17 he has made some tracks and he mastered the art of dj'ing.
He plays at some local parties and sends out a few tapes (those days we had to send tapes indeed :-)).
A local radio station in Brussels likes his dj skills
and they invite him to play some records in their radio studio.

Tom played a cd with a few tracks of his own and the radio owner liked it so much
he gave the contact of the Headroom Group.
They were starting up things and had labels like Invasion, Session, Traction, etc.
Tom sended a cd and got a call from Zzino that same week.

A start was made. The demo got release a few months later and at the age of 17
Tom had a release on Invasion(Provoked EP - Invasion 11).
A few more releases followed on Pornographic, Invasion and Anlx from 2000 till 2003.
In 2003 the Headroom group breaks up and Zzino starts all over again with the help of NEWS.
The imprints are running again and stronger then ever they returned.

Also on a personal base Tom and Zzino get along great
so they started producing records together with Guss Carver as a 3rd member of the team.
Since Tom still goes to the university, things are very stressfull but he gets the job done.
In the summer of 2004 Tom finished his school and the road is open to produce as much as possible.
Also he starts doing live sets because now he can focus 100% on his music,
something that wasn't always possible because of schoolwork.

Since that summer he became a pro and things changed big time.
He played over 40 gigs in less than a year in countries like Spain, Portugal, Swiss,
Turkey, France, Germany, Slovenia, Uk, Belgium, Holland, …
Also he started doing remixes and made in less then 2 years 20 remixes
for people like Adam Jay, WJH, Tomaz vs Filterheadz, Cave, Olivier Giacomotto, …
He touched down on legend labels like Primate, Missile, Technorient,
Zenit, Session,Traction, MB Elektronics, etc.
Also he gets support from big boys like Dave clarke, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Ken Ishii, …
who chart his records and use Tom's tracks for their mix-cd's.

The best year of his carreer was without a doubt 2006. He did 2 mix-cd’s in 2006,
one with his partner in crime Cave and one for the I LOVE TECHNO festival.
He was also responsible for the I LOVE TECHNO anthem 2006 witch was an instant classic
and one of his best selling and well known tunes.
He also played at various clubs and festivals such as Awakenings, I Love Techno, Fabrik,
Play Club, Ware House in Tokyo, Sala 31, Silo, Poema, etc etc.

For 2007 releases are planned on Drumcode, Spilo, Music Man and Missile so keep an eye open for this remarkable talent…

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