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There are 4 artists with this name.

1) Orpheus is an atmospheric rock/metal/ambient artist from Dorset, southern United Kingdom, formed in 2008. See: http://www.myspace.com/orpheusofficial & http://www.orpheus.ws/
The band recorded its debut album 'Philosopher of the Sublime' in pre-production demo form in 2006, but it wasn't until 2 years later that it was recorded properly. 'Philosopher of the Sublime' - themed mainly on medieval romanticism - is atmospheric, distinctive, vivid and nostalgic. It is an oneiric journey into a personal and reflective illusionary world. The album magnificently fuses a soundtrack-esque approach to what is essentially a unique metal album; one which uses clean-sung vocals, traditional instruments (12 string guitars/classical guitar, harps, wind, brass, piano, strings and medieval percussion) and modern keyboards. It is to be released through Paradigms Recordings in May 2010 (Jarboe, The Angelic Process, Decrepit Spectre etc.).

The debut album is the first phase of what Orpheus claims to be an evolving, long-term path of chapters. Phase II is supposedly going to mark an alteration in imagery and lyrical themes to oceanic/environmental destruction and anthropological utopia. Orpheus claims that it has already begun work on Phase III due the fact that what is planned for it is going to be so immensely difficult that years of preparation will be necessary.

2) Orpheus - Worcester, Massachusetts-based soft pop/rock band that enjoyed brief national popularity in the 1960’s. Original members included guitarist/vocalists Bruce Arnold and Jack McKennes, bass guitarist Eric "The Snake" Gulliksen, and drummer Harry Sandler. Orpheus recorded three albums and four singles for MGM Records. A reformed version of Orpheus recorded a fourth album and an additional single for Bell Records in 1971.

3) Orpheus is a Melodic Death Metal band that have recently emerged from the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Recently have released their E.P after over a year of being together.

4) Orpheus is a heavy metal/hard rock band from Trondheim, Norway.

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