• OWTL October Reviews

    8 Oct 2007, 19:10 by nitzanhermon

    Flowriders – R.U.E.D.Y. – Mr Bongo

    Flowriders is Vincent Helbers, a one man band, assited by some of the most talented musicians around. His second album as Flowriders is a brilliant work of soul, broken beats and smart arrangements; one of those timeless albums that are always fun to get back to.

    Fabrice Lig – Xslaves - Versatile

    Fabrice Lig, aka Soul Designer, punches a 12 in the versatile chain, just before releasing an album on Third Ear and what an EP it is.
    The title track, X slaves is a sublime piece of techno - Italo inflated, politically vocalized and wonderfully produced!


    October – invitation – Caravan recordings

    Innovative methods and inspiring creativity have won Julian Smith , aka October, well deserved high acclaim. Invitation is a superbly produced 12’, fusing funk and house next to minimal sounding hi tech soul.

    Techno, house

    Lawrence – Rabbit Tube – Mule Electronics

    Lawrence, aka Peter M Kersten, productions repeatedly manage to beautifully utilize tender melodies…