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  • Avatar for iZZidane
    v I hope so too. I'm still not sure how I feel about Scarlett Jo playing the Major though.
  • Avatar for CGholy
    I hope they make a tribute for her in the new Ghost In The Shell.
  • Avatar for MissingLight
    Этот голос никогда не будет забыт.
  • Avatar for Acid_Jack
    Орига... Так плохо без тебя...
  • Avatar for Oerba-Vanille
    Close your eyes to find yourself In mystic timeline...
  • Avatar for ibsenn
    Shocked to learn that she has passed. Thank you for FFXIII-2's vocal tracks. :(
  • Avatar for MeltingCORE-NEO
    ヒストリアクロス wouldn't have been out of place on Era of Queens. It's breathtakingly ethereal. I still love Origa's music and she is still greatly missed.
  • Avatar for soranoai
    I love her voice, I will miss her u_u Thank you for you music!
  • Avatar for Rosenmoerder
    I will always remember you, Origa~...
  • Avatar for the_Bloody
    Thanks for everything.
  • Avatar for Ayulsa
    em-pyei-n vari-fen jang; brought me here. It's disheartening to find out about such a great singer only to find out she passed away. Her singing will continue to live on.
  • Avatar for Adriano_Heca
    Muito triste por sua morte, sua voz me faz sonhar, ter bons fluidos, descanse em paz Origa, serei sempre seu fã!
  • Avatar for HeartOfAWolf
    She was so unique, always will be loved. ❤️
  • Avatar for waywardcupcake1
    I didn't know she passed until today. She had such a wonderful and beautiful voice. May her soul rest in eternal bliss. R.I.P. Origa.
  • Avatar for MarkPrinceGohan
    I didn't know either! I'm completely saddened and shocked. Rest in peace beautiful angel, your voice will live for generations to come.
  • Avatar for Ricki_29
    I didn't know she passed... now I'm sad T_T
  • Avatar for Auto_Pilot
  • Avatar for TheRedCometBR
    R.I.P. Origa. What an amazing voice
  • Avatar for kineticwaves
    @MeltingCORE - I like Era of Queens too. The songs from it were all good to me. She was creative.
  • Avatar for morrisramone
    i didnt knew she passed away.. sad news to hear. ;[
  • Avatar for XiNneRg
  • Avatar for gabbermax
    Царство Небесное , Ольга . Просто не верится в это. Спасибо за музыку
  • Avatar for MeltingCORE
    Finally bought the rest of Era of Queens. What an amazing album. Truly a relic of beauty - a testament to her creativity. She left behind many masterpieces... That will always be worth listening to. <3
  • Avatar for anonymousca4
    Rest In Peace. Glad I finally saw her live in 2013. Her voice was powerful enough to overcome a brownout that killed her mic.
  • Avatar for marucru
    she had the most beautiful voice
  • Avatar for thenightwithin
    RIP. She had a great voice :(
  • Avatar for Dlartrisky
    Rest in peace. I don't have a lot of scrobbles for Origa but she sounded great. :(
  • Avatar for HeartOfAWolf
    vvvv If you are implying that Origa wasn't valuable, than you sir are an idiot.
  • Avatar for i_amrita
    шокирующая новость, в которую невозможно поверить... ㅠㅠ
  • Avatar for mssviristelle
    Rest in Peace. Спасибо за музыку, что ты принесла в этот мир. [2]
  • Avatar for faridmon
    RIP. She was inspirational with her beautiful voice and calm melodies. She was also the reason why I am into Japanese music.
  • Avatar for Hoetzendorf
    And nothing of value was lost...
  • Avatar for vulturius
    Rest In Peace, Origa. Your voice will never die.
  • Avatar for Mattew43
    Rest in Peace. Спасибо за музыку, что ты принесла в этот мир.
  • Avatar for kikyoumarss
    RIP,best voice :(
  • Avatar for Cobain-Sama
  • Avatar for ChrnoTodd
    Rest in Peace Origa-Sensei!
  • Avatar for Hixi-Ponn
    Rest in Peace Origa.... your wonderful voice will always sound in my heart,, I'm really shocked... she was only 44
  • Avatar for JediMasterKenji
    本当に素晴らしい音楽をありがとう. その音楽は僕たちの心にいつまでも生き長らえる. 安らかに眠る... Rest In Peace, Origa. Спасибо, Оля...
  • Avatar for SadisticMacabre
    Such heartache from this loss. The news came to me as a shock as I was not aware of her illness. Origa was/is my all time favorite singer, her music makes my spirit soar. I can't go a day without listening to her songs, and I had even hoped to see her live one day. She truly had the voice of an angel. Thank you ORIGA, for your kind heart, beautiful soul and magnetic, pure crystal clear voice. Thank you for everything. You will carry on living in our hearts. I'll be sending prayers your way. Shine, my star. <3
  • Avatar for Ynessa
    I'm so sorry to hear this... it's a very sad news :( I love her songs so much, especially her contribution to GITS OST. R.I.P. :(
  • Avatar for CreepyKumiko
    Rest peacefully, Origa. Thank you for lending your voice to us for what brief time you could. Your beauty and soul will live on in the music you created. [2]
  • Avatar for Magnum_Silvered
    Very sad news : ( I love your voice and your contribution to Ghost in the Shell series soundtrack. Farewell Origa!
  • Avatar for FranticWorm
    ужас :(
  • Avatar for straygod
    Светлая память
  • Avatar for Jacendb
    Shocking news. I coulnd't see you performing live and there are just a few videos of your concerts. Thanks for your music,
  • Avatar for Gushtard
    Good night, sweet princess.
  • Avatar for tyrique12
    Holy shit. Such a shock, I LOVED her! She had the voice of a god. R.I.P
  • Avatar for MayaGrimaldi
    Аж мурашки по коже прошли, когда прочитала про то, что её больше нет... В шоке просто. Покойся с миром, милая. Спасибо тебе за всё...
  • Avatar for Seasonreaper
    Supposedly she finished a new album before she passed and it should be released later this year. Just a case of getting it and not crying through the whole thing.


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