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  • Avatar for bibledaze
    superior MCs
  • Avatar for jinmenusagi
    Crush, kill, destroy, stress
  • Avatar for Jonzo67
    My new favourite discovery. Dunno why I never listened before.
  • Avatar for emilyepierce
    Souls of Mischief's newest collaboration with Snoop Dogg, "Ghetto Superhero", can be found here! Check it out, world.
  • Avatar for iMurk
    Pressure pressure pressure pressure pressure pressure cooker
  • Avatar for Collis
    you used to bumble over prince po
  • Avatar for magicznybueno
    The Equinox > Stress
  • Avatar for LamarMatic
    These guys shit on all of their more famous counterparts [3]
  • Avatar for PharoahYusef
    One of hip hops best duo's.
  • Avatar for Heliosonic
    Fucking hell man this is good :O
  • Avatar for piccochimusic
    Prince Po on Toca Tuesdays (Video)
  • Avatar for althefknamsrtkn
    These guys shit on all of their more famous counterparts
  • Avatar for Genius32
    чрезвычайно охуенный дуэт
  • Avatar for Zamari
    These guys shit on many of their more famous counterparts
  • Avatar for supertrivia
    ok their first release was dope, dated but dope.. but confound it stress is the best
  • Avatar for aarONE119
    fudge, pudge, will never hold a grudge!
  • Avatar for AlexBergmans
    Greatest pair of MCs ever
  • Avatar for ZachKinsler
    this turned out to be everything i wanted in hip hop
  • Avatar for G0dL0vesUgly
    v for real it's use cus Internal Affairs was so fucking dope but on OK's shit there pretty much even. Same thing goes for Malice n Pusha with Clipse imo
  • Avatar for PHearleZZ
    Dopest Human Beings ever.
  • Avatar for mrrnn
    Prince Po is the second greatest MC of all times and if you honestly think Monch outshines him THAT much I can't understand it
  • Avatar for Music-Ninja
    it's not like prince mo is bad (he is actually really good) it's just that pharoahe monch is a fuckin beast on the mic.
  • Avatar for blafls
    Fuck, The Equinox is just an amazing album.
  • Avatar for jussi_m
    new pic
  • Avatar for SometimeWorld
  • Avatar for mikesr1
    the best. not public enemy nor a tribe called quest, not nas nor gang starr. hands down.
  • Avatar for Blue_Key
    "Releasing Hypnotical Gases" is probably their most lyrical song ever.
  • Avatar for WasNotWhyNot
    million plays now, officially overrated.
  • Avatar for damien_bielsco
  • Avatar for amanante
  • Avatar for ideation_
    i don't get why bring it on isn't higher up on the charts here. i am assuming everyone is just afraid of listening to it.
  • Avatar for akzincke
    I'll take some bounce with my brains, yessss.
  • Avatar for Swanogt19
    Not even a million plays.
  • Avatar for barryvs
    Deserve so much more plays and attention.
  • Avatar for sheepareevil
    "the best rap duo ever" - corrected
  • Avatar for howkafkaesque
    one of the best Rap Duo's ever.
  • Avatar for dolphinSurprise
    " Wake up to the mathematics of an erratic rap / Rejuvenator of rhyme, that sort of come automatic / Poetical medical medicine for the cerebellum / I divert em and flirt em insert em then I repel em " - Noice, Monch a lyrical beast!
  • Avatar for Genius32
    гуд допе щит
  • Avatar for tnglc
    Man, what the fuck? Picking a favourite rapper in an album or group is subjective. Prince Po and Pharoah Monch are entirely equal and balance each other out, no discussion.
  • Avatar for TheDragon6
    this is fucking epic
  • Avatar for Noth1ngLasts
    Dude where can I get there music...if anyone can host it or link me please PM. Thanks!
  • Avatar for Yastrzemski
    Intelligent and dope, OK will forever be one of the greatest rap groups of all-time.
  • Avatar for SafetyCat
    and Why is second for me
  • Avatar for SafetyCat
    Thirteen >
  • Avatar for SometimeWorld
    The more i listen to Stress: TEA these days, i realize how fucking well Monch & Po produced this thing - obviously not including the already stellar Buckwild & Rockwilder tracks. Would love to hear more about the production process, as it stands it's one of my all-time favourites purely on a production level. Don't even need to mention their lyrical finesse... good lord! Favourite hip-hop album of all-time, for me anyway.
  • Avatar for BarackFlowbama
    Insight, foresight, more sight, the clock on the wall reads a quarter past midnight. I miss OK.
  • Avatar for TheBigPoppa
    It's a black sunday!(y)
  • Avatar for Swanogt19
  • Avatar for AceOfSpades24
    Hate to admit it, but I got into these guys from the opening sample in DJ Shadow's "Midnight in a Perfect World"
  • Avatar for iMurk
    They still remain to be one of my favourite rap duo's. The amount of godlike verses Monch has is incredible.


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