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  • It's almost as if the guys haven't had an artist that had to share a page
  • http://www.last.fm/music/Orchid/+images/90468065 http://www.last.fm/music/Orchid/+images/88957861
  • very sabbathy nice album
  • This is probably gonna be more sabbathy than the actual new Sabbath album with Ozzy.
  • Black Sabbath approves of this. [4]
  • This album have the best album booklet ever!!
  • Lyrics for Albatross are on Bandcamp site. Black Sabbath are great but they couldn't do it this good anymore.
  • Black Sabbath approves of this. [3]
  • It sounds like the 9th album of the original formation of Black sabbath!
  • Sabbathic awesomeness!
  • Mind successfully blown! :D
  • Black Sabbath approves of this. [2]
  • 3x's Grat Gratus. Killir Klasic Music. Excellent Earthy Sound.
  • http://www.last.fm/music/Orchid/+images/71787530
  • fuck this
  • It's like listening to new songs from early sabbath, amazing !
  • I cannot believe screamo fans are ripping on this excellence. It makes me even more disgusted with modern society. Anyways great album. Can't wait to see them at Roadburn.
  • Black Sabbath approves of this.
  • this is so fucking killer.
  • Great band true early Sabbath sound!!! [2]
  • Great band true early Sabbath sound!!!
  • This band definitely needs their own page
  • Anyone got lyrics for Albatross? Please, help.
  • doom orchid should finally have it's own page!
  • Doom album of the year so far, fucking awesome..
  • mfw comparing doom metal to screamo.
  • doom metal orchid > gay screamo orchid (4)
  • top gay screamo orchid ftw
  • Great suff, tops gay scremo orchid.
  • doom metal orchid > gay screamo orchid (3) all haters prefer sucking cock, no doubts
  • SUCH A FUCKING COCK TEASE! I was so pumped on a new Orchid album but low and behold its just some lame cheezy boring fucking metal band
  • I had a raging harddon until i pressed play and my hopes were crushed.
  • yes, this is very good, the vacals need time, but the instrumental work, is far above the average, does this band have other albums? and stfu everyone orchid>orchid
  • Where the fuck is the skram?
  • wait... wtf.... this isn't orchid... wtf is this bullshit?
  • no way!?
  • yfw doom metal orchid > gay screamo orchid (2)
  • yfw doom metal orchid > gay screamo orchid
  • Fuck my life when I realized this wasn't THE Orchid. Disappointment is me.
  • Awesome!
  • I almost had a heart attack when I saw this on my homepage.
  • WTF. :S
  • Inacceptable deception.
  • There are at least six bands called Orchid but only one that matters.
  • FML.
  • дерьмо подстава
  • Am I the only one NOT disappointed?
  • doom? fucking lololol, idiots. cbs needs to get on their shit and filter out and separate bands with the same name.


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