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The Girl With the Sun in Her Head (10:26)


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  • love it
  • epic win
  • :)
  • Nice :)
  • LOVE
  • I picked up this album just to see what it was like
  • (:
  • nice
  • yea
  • Wow, I had not heard it for years! Goog track!
  • !!!!
  • Can't stop listening to that tune, it's like 10 minutes out of this world. Andrew Sega remix is pretty good, the song is called Shadowcaster.
  • Disregard part of the first sentence: Necros' remix was made in ImpulseTracker, and I still love it. Listening to it right now.
  • The first time I heard this song, it was a cover/remix by Andrew "Necros" Sega back when he was still tracking with ScreamTracker. And I'm kind of ashamed to admit I still prefer it for nostalgia...
  • Chill...
  • i definetley agree with the headphones in a dark room, especially on mushies : )
  • Mind. Rape.
  • 'In Sides' one of Orbital's best if not greatest albums, if only it had been released a couple of years earlier
  • great tune but reminds bad times :s
  • good times - -
  • Holy shit, this song is amazing
  • Definitely one of my desert island discs. :)
  • Blissful
  • nice
  • I've know this tune inside out for years and it is still amazing, this stuff doesn't get tired at all.
  • Lovers of this track, you need to dig out the version that's on the Satan Live 12"'s or disc 2 of the Satan Live CD's. Wow.
  • this song takes me places I'd love to stay. Listen with headphones in a dark room.
  • chillO
  • Absolute tune!
  • schmove
  • brilliant song!
  • the simon and garfunkel of electronic music
  • swweeet
  • Not even a sample for this, their best track. Shame on you Last FM :(
  • The one and only...... the best.....
  • Bliss.
  • I agree with BigJimBob
  • Hey guys! join my [group]Leftfield[/group] group. Can't believe there wasn't one until now! :D
  • if this doesn't get you off, you need stronger medication
  • wow. i guess i'm an orbital fan now.
  • one of their best tracks!
  • <3
  • Awesome track. Even more awesome that it was recorded solely using solar power.
  • Awesome- just awesome. This was the first Orbital track I heard and it has remained my favourite ever since.... For me, this represents everything Orbital is about - melodic and mellow, but still maintains an addictive drum loop that nods towards their other stuff (especially when they drop it live, it's the best.) Love it :D
  • Also; This track should have Epic at the top of the tags, get to it! :) <3
  • Love it, Adore it, this will be possibly my favourite (Future Sound of London's Papua New Guinea is up there too!) electronica track till I die...gorgeous. <3
  • : )
  • its missing something? ahh! yes, I dont take drugs anymore.
  • OMG! I'm hypnotized!
  • Beepbeepbeep. Nice.


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