• The Future Sound of London – Papua New Guinea (12" Version)

    4 Feb 2012, 14:48 by voicesda

    My first love has always been electronic music. I may have dressed like various indie stereotypes

    2002-2004 - Strokes
    2005 - 2009 - Various American Indie bands who would wear t shirts over other clothing, creating a two fold top look
    2009 - present - flannel shirts

    Even dressed like the latest vampire weekend wannabe who shops at Urban Outfitters I would always have some electronic music on my Walkman, iPod Nano, Sony MP3 Walkman (I miss you), iPhone and now random (iPhone/Nexus S) device that has my Spotify playlists.

    Even as a child I knew I liked electronic music because I would watch the Fashion Show (honest) just for theme tune (In The Night) and I always loved the theme tune for It Will Never Work (People Are People), I didn't know it was Depeche Mode as the song was released before I was born and I certainly didn't know of the rave scene etc, because I was between the ages of 4-7 between 1990 and 1993.

    Whilst my love of these 80s bands is well documented before on here and my scrobbles…
  • Orbital - Dwr Budr

    1 Oct 2010, 19:52 by voicesda

    It means dirty water in Welsh.

    Which is strange because this one of the most pristine songs ever.

    In Rock, being grimy and hard is desired. For example Iggy & The Stooges. In electronic music the opposite is true, clear pristine melody using cutting edge technologies with a hint to the future is what is desired.

    There is a lot going on this track which you can't really gather from the start which is a slow start. There is no forewarning of the complexity that will soon dominate your ears. There are just very deep synths and ambiguity. It's about a minute in when odd flourishes of melody and beats start to permeate. But even then it's a subdued affair. Tune out and in 7 minutes yours ears will be listening to more melody that you can believe was possible form these synth drones. At 2 minutes in Alison Goldfrapp is singing something; it's incomprehensible but beautiful like Elizabeth Fraser. Tiny repetitive synth melodies start to get a hold start to build on top of the entire thing. All of a sudden you are inundated.
  • My Most Played vs. Most Played

    1 Dec 2007, 12:55 by nightfloat

    Instructions: "Get your overall top 10 artists from, and find the top 3 of their tracks that you've played the most on your ipod/Media Player. Then see where it comes in that artist's "most-played" lists. The lower the track in the list, the weirder you are...or something to that effect."

    I. Orbital
    1. Tension ( rank: #39)
    2. I Don't Know You People ( rank: #57)
    3. Dwr Budr ( rank: #15)

    II. Bjork
    1. Innocence ( rank: #7)
    2. Wanderlust ( rank: #3)
    3. There's more to life than this ( rank: #60)

    III. Morphine
    1. You Speak My Language ( rank: #15)
    2. Test Tube Baby/Shoot 'Em Down ( rank: #70)
    3. Gone for Good ( rank: #46)

    IV: Rufus Wainwright
    1. Going To A Town ( rank: #3)
    2. Greek Song ( rank: #16)
    3. California ( rank: #5)

    V: They Might Be Giants
    1. New York City ( rank: #36)