• orbit over luna

    Abr 15 2012, 4h21 por nomoremilk


    The 22 minutes of Kyōto/Nara were inspired by – and feature recordings of – the two cities in the title, that were once capitals of Japan, the latter from 710 to 784 and the former from 794 to 1869. Due to this, they feature some of the most beautiful examples of Japanese architecture (Kyoto is also one of the few major Japanese cities not bombed during WWII, which has allowed many pre-war buildings to remain intact). Listening to this new EP by Canadian artist orbit over luna, it’s easy to understand how Shannon Penner was inspired when visiting these beautiful cities, the way a place you visit for the first time can inspire (possibly what Charlotte from Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation felt when wandering the streets of Kyoto, with the music of Air and Kevin Shields in the background).

    orbit over luna isn’t trying to recreate the traditional music of Japan, but makes lovely melodic music about what he experienced during his trip, and how those experiences affected him. …