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  • Avatar for EddieMalCOlm
    тут русских вообще нету чтоль?
  • Avatar for elifsonk
    I eat databases networks and websites
  • Avatar for Lackie_Chan
    Ah the days of Nsider Forums and NOA_Andy
  • Avatar for LtCommanderData
    Protecting you is what we do!
  • Avatar for gotgorillaz
    as guilty as a smoking gun
  • Avatar for DEATHINFIREX
    no nsider2 is shit
  • Avatar for Geno098
    NOA_ANDY was a dick
  • Avatar for Sans-Cosm
    Haha, dude. SupercollBros. I'll see you on Nsider2.
  • Avatar for SuperCoolBros
    I miss nsider, so glad there is nsider 2. <3
  • Avatar for There_We_Were
    Nsider immortalized in the form of music [2] ahhhh nsider, good times, good times..
  • Avatar for russdank
    This music makes me happy!
  • Avatar for lagginswag
    supercommuter self titled album is amazing as well. love this shit cant get enough
  • Avatar for gwiz210
    Nsider immortalized in the form of music
  • Avatar for psynapse_zero
    So, because these guys have broken up, and it's next to impossible to find their stuff online, is there any way I could convince some kind soul to upload anything other than the Transformed EP? That's all I have, but it's too good and I want more! Such a shame they broke up, as well...
  • Avatar for LostArk
  • Avatar for iamlovelock
    beautifullllll bit of music right hrere
  • Avatar for Subject19254
    Very nice.
  • Avatar for biclops
    I've got 5 hard drives with 89 gigabytes, I eat databases, networks and websites, I've got vicious viruses that devour these satellites, encryption deciphering all that you read and write, ignite with 5 million horses under the hood, conscious artificial intelligence up to no good, we be delivering doses as most is misunderstood, its the Optimus you wouldn't stop the steel if you could.
  • Avatar for soapsoup
    wheelie rox
  • Avatar for eyeofsaulot
    I just discovered them while in pursuit of hip-hop with live instrumentation and I'm surprised myself that they're so underrated...
  • Avatar for groverXIII
    Can't wait for Supercommuter... these guys were underrated. I hope they reunite in the future.
  • Avatar for AxemRangers
    when is wheelie's 8-bit collab coming out :<
  • Avatar for AxemRangers
    check soulseek
  • Avatar for mcpvc
  • Avatar for xHxYxBxRxIxDx
    Their time came too soon :(
  • Avatar for Inci90
    new EP -
  • Avatar for lagginswag
    this is the proverbial shii7
  • Avatar for xHxYxBxRxIxDx
    God Rest Ye Autobots....
  • Avatar for novocaneboy
    new songs are super rad, make another album!
  • Avatar for beefynerdcore
    optimus rhyme have been an influence and my favorite band for years now and i will miss their shows
  • Avatar for xHxYxBxRxIxDx
    nevermind, i got it
  • Avatar for xHxYxBxRxIxDx
    The new EP is awesome, and its free to download, except...they havent really offered the Download link yet.....
  • Avatar for jmaddox28
    reel estate isnt in top 15>???????????//
  • Avatar for fettesbumsen
  • Avatar for PrimeElement
    lol @ Screamsdontfall. Agreed.
  • Avatar for Screamsdontfall
    This has got to be the best name of a band or a group i've ever seen
  • Avatar for xHxYxBxRxIxDx
  • Avatar for Jokeman
    Truly amazing.
  • Avatar for KlickitatC
    RIP :( Optimus Rhyme will be missed.
  • Avatar for Vanuch
    Who's got full OR albums?
  • Avatar for novocaneboy
    look at me im an mc, bling! bling!
  • Avatar for cann3dheat
    NOA_ANDY, we miss you.
  • Avatar for nishy222
    i have an itchy crutch
  • Avatar for highanddriving
    [url][/url] REAL NERCORE!
  • Avatar for KarlwithoutaC
    obey the moderator is like the worst song ever what the hell my piroshky is bangin
  • Avatar for TehSnuggles
    Best diss Track ive heard in a while, MC Chipmunk is great.
  • Avatar for punkasphuck86
    just heard them for the first time, great stuff.
  • Avatar for biclops
    I got 5 hard drives with 89 gigabytes, I eat databases, networks and websites, I got viscous viruses that devour these satellites, encryption deciphering all that you read and write
  • Avatar for zalmoxe
    Some lyrics from School The Indy Rockers are up here: Feel free to complete/correct missing ones.


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