• Opeth Royal Albert Hall Concert 5th April 2010

    6 Apr 2010, 21:28 by NGBahamut

    Mon 5 Apr – Opeth

    Instead of eating chocolates I got for Easter, I went down to London to see Opeth who are one of my favourite bands. This was for their 20th anniversary tour and luckily enough, one of the venues was at the Royal Albert Hall in London. This definitely wasn't a typical place to hold a concert for a band, especially one that involves elements.

    So I arrived there at the show at least 2 hours before it even started. We (i.e. My, my sister and her fiance) came well prepared and as a result, we were very close to the stage and only behind VIPs. A much better view than when we saw Iron Maiden where we had seated tickets (this will be the only time I'll make a comparison between the two shows). Just seeing the band just 3 or 4 metres away was absolutely satisfying. Of course, there were some tall people in front of us but we managed.

    As they stated when they announced the tour dates for their 20th anniversary…
  • Random shiz

    24 Jan 2010, 21:52 by OmgItsBeto

    1. How did you get into 29? Santana
    I liked his latin rythms combined with a great guitar performance

    2. What was the first song you ever heard by 22? Symphony X
    Set The World On Fire (The Lie of Lies)

    3. What's your favorite lyric by 33? James LaBrie
    As a solo?
    "Now i'm stuck how i feel, i don't know if it's real, i'm trying to find someone who's invisible"

    With DT

    "So I'm moving on
    I'll never forget
    As you lay there and watched me
    Accepting the end
    I knew you were scared
    You were strong I was trying
    I gave you my hand
    I said it's okay letting go time to leave here
    And I'll carry on
    The best that I can without you here beside me
    Let him come take you home"

    4. What is your favorite album by 49? Eric Johnson
    Ah Via Musicom

    5. How many albums by 13 do you own? Spock's Beard

    6. What is your favorite song by 50? Kansas
    Portrait (He Knew)

    7. Is there a song by 39 that makes you feel sad? Anathema
    A lot, actually...

    8. What is your favorite song by 15? Muse
  • The Ultimate Gig

    16 Nov 2009, 02:00 by RealAir2112

    Take nine bands that should play at your show and determine their set lists:
    - The first one plays 5 songs.
    - The second one plays 5 songs.
    - The third one plays 5 songs.
    - The fourth one plays 7 songs.
    - The fifth one plays 7 songs.
    - The sixth one plays 10 songs.
    - The seventh one plays 10 songs.
    - The eighth one plays 12 songs.
    - The ninth one plays 16 songs, with a 3 song encore.

    Okay, this would clearly be some kind of all day show...and possibly the biggest collection of sheer win in one place, ever.

    1. Dream Theater
    The Root of All Evil
    These Walls
    Pull Me Under
    The Count of Tuscany

    2. Sunn O)))
    Báthory Erzsébet
    Big Church [megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért]
    Hunting & Gathering (Cydonia)

    3. Steven Wilson
    Harmony Korine
    Veneno para las hadas
    Collecting Space

    4. Meshuggah
    Future Breed Machine
    Straws Pulled At Random
    New Millenium Cyanide Christ
    Dancers to a Discordant System
  • A different setlist

    27 Jan 2009, 20:20 by muraliavarma

    Sun 25 Jan – Opeth @ Saarang 2009

    I had been waiting for Opeth for the whole of December and January. And when they finally came to Chennai, they sure did NOT disappoint. In this review I want to talk about the set list more than anything else, because that was the most surprising part of the concert.

    I had a lot of expectations when it came to what they might open with. I had predictedBlackwater Park, but they didn't even play that song. Instead they started off with Heir Apparent, which wasn't really surprising since it was from Watershed. For some reason I felt that the drums and the bass dominated the whole song and we couldn't even hear the lead guitar and voice. I was scared that they might screw up the sound system. But luckily it was fixed by the next song.

    Which was The Grand Conjuration. By this time, people had already started going crazy with their head-banging. The next track was probably the most unexpected of them all - Godhead's Lament. …
  • W:O:A 2008

    3 Aug 2008, 22:44 by crrauch

    Thu 31 Jul – Wacken Open Air 2008
    Einmal auf das Wacken Open:Air zu fahren hatte mich lange schon gereizt. Doch letztendlich war ich nie bereit, den weiten Weg (exakt 700km) auf mich zu nehmen und den mittlerweile recht hohen Ticketpreis aufzubringen. Dann las ich, dass Maiden ihre einzige Show in Deutschland auf dem W:O:A geben werden. Und wenn man bedenkt, dass Karten für ein Maiden-Konzert alleine schon für ca 70 Euronen vertickt werden, war Wacken eine fast günstige Alternative.
    Dazu kam dann noch, dass ein Freund wegen eines Praktikums nicht fahren konnte, seine Karten aber bereits kurz nach dem W:O:A 2007 bestellt hatte.

    Nach einer relativ unspektakulären Fahrt am Mittwoch Morgen mussten wir schon mal den ersten Schock verkraften: obwohl die "öffentliche" Öffnungszeit 8:00 Uhr morgens war und wir bereits um 10:30 Uhr ankamen waren schon fast alle Campingbereiche aufgefüllt. Scheinbar war der Andrang am Tag zuvor so groß, dass man sich entschieden hat, die Tore schon eher zu öffnen. …
  • Progressive Nation 2008 (Dream Theater, Opeth) - Oakland - May 3rd, 2008

    17 Jul 2008, 22:56 by jukkakhan

    Headlining: Dream Theater
    Also Featuring: Opeth, Between the Buried and Me, & 3
    Date: May 3rd, 2008
    Location: Oakland
    Venue: Paramount Theatre
    Tour: Progressive Nation 2008

    Remarks: Oh man what a night. I didn't really know what to expect going into the venue. I had been sick for the past few days, but there was no way in hell I was gonna miss out on this concert. I pretty much came for Dream Theater. I knew of Opeth but I had never really listened to them all too much. On the other hand, I had never even heard of 3 or Between The Buried And Me. Mike Portnoy definitely knew what he was doing when he picked these bands because it ended up being a fantastic package. In the end, 3 and Between The Buried And Me both played for 30 minutes, Opeth played for an hour, and Dream Theater played for 90 minutes with short intermissions in between. The Paramount Theatre was real nice (except for the small seats and the $2 water, but whatever). …
  • Ruisrock 08

    8 Jul 2008, 14:54 by Mattiesko

    Fri 4 Jul – Ruisrock

    What a great festival it was!

    I went there mainly because of Porcupine Tree, Opeth and Interpol. However there were lot's of artists that I didn't even know by name, but were incredibly fun to watch and listen on a hot summer day. Here's a summary of the three great days.

    On friday the weather was incredibly good and of course Porcupine Tree was performing. However, besides PT there really wasn't any interesting bands playing on friday.

    PT setlist:
    Blackest Eyes
    The Sound of Muzak
    Open Car
    Way Out of Here
    Even Less
    Mother and Child Divided

    On saturday I recall seeing performances by CMX, Disco Ensemble and Opeth. (For me) the Opeth gig was pretty much ruined because of terrible audio (the vocals very inaudible for half of the gig).

    Opeth setlist:
    Demon of the Fall
    The Baying of the Hounds
    Master's Apprentices
    Heir Apparent
    Drapery Falls

    Sunday was packed with good performances. …
  • REVIEW: Sunday June 1st, 2008 - Progressive Nation '08

    4 Jun 2008, 15:16 by TheMusicalVito

    Sun 1 Jun – Prog Nation 2008

    This was the best concert I have ever attended in my young life.

    Let's begin with the absolute basics. As soon as I heard about this concert, I wanted to go. The tour itself intrigued me, being that Dream Theater is my favorite band, Opeth is one of my favorite bands, and the fact that it was Dream Theater's first time coming to this area in years. Between the Buried and Me and 3 were both bands I had never listened to, but I knew I would hear some of their stuff before I even got my tickets.

    When I went to book the tickets online, I was sad to find that Ticketmaster said that they were sold out. Much to my later dismay, it was a glitch on the site. A FUCKING GLITCH. I could have gotten better seating than I did, but I didn't because of the fucking Ticketmaster website which had me believe that the show was sold out for two months. Luckily, Ruth Eckerd Hall is a wonderfully small venue, and there wasn't a bad seat in the house.

  • The Opeth / Dream Theater Experience (Progressive Nation 2008)

    2 Jun 2008, 04:51 by BobbyTheNinja

    Fri 30 May – Progressive Nation
    This was my second time watching Opeth and Dream Theater perform. Opeth started with the same incredible intro which can be heard from their latest live album, The Roundhouse Tapes. Then opened with Demon of the Fall which just blew me away. They then continued with The Baying of the Hounds which around the last two minutes of the song, they had a Spinal Tap moment in which a curtain started to come down. From my view it looked like it was going to land on top of Fredrik Åkesson, Mikael Åkerfeldt, and Martin Mendez's heads, but the curtain ended up landing right behind them, in which drummer Martin "Axe" Axenrot and keyboardist Per Wiberg were completely out of sight for the rest of the track. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohceaW94t9A
    Mikael Åkerfeldt seemed surprised and was laughing about it. He was prepared for the next song and he said "who cares about drummers and keyboard players anyways right?". …
  • Show, 5/27/08

    31 May 2008, 03:49 by Ajaxhunter

    May 27, 2008
    7pm @ The National - Progressive Nation 2008
    Richmond, VA

    Between the Buried and Me
    Dream Theater

    I'm not a fan of writing more than a few sentences on any one topic, so I'll keep this short and to the point. That said, here's my observations/comments on the show:

    - Got in Richmond @ 3pm, ate, waited in line from 4:15-6, waited on the barrier from 6-7 before the show finally started. Annoyingly, some friends who were hundreds of people behind my people came right up next to us on the barrier...
    - There were 14+ 4-5ft subwoofers in the barrier gap at the front, I was all of 4 feet from them. Seemed a bit excessive, but whatever.
    - 3 are a lot better than I expected, all very good musicians, especially the lead singer. Wasn't much a fan of their songs as the jams they did at the end.
    - BTBAM was sloppy, the previous two shows I've seen from them were much more consistent. Setlist:
    Ants of the Sky
    White Walls