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Hours of Wealth (5:20)


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  • But I'm alone and far from home. Nobody knows me. Never heard me say goodbye... Never shall I speak to anyone again...
  • Perfect.
  • You're a long time dead.
  • nobody knows me...
  • The outro is just so emotional. I love it. <3
  • The definitive soundtrack to the meaningless solitude
  • one of those songs that makes you completely stop what you are doing, and listen to it. it makes you think about life. it's good to have that once in a while.
  • Great song <3
  • Awesome! One of my favorite Opeth ballads (if not my all-time favorite from them). Always a pleasure to hear this. :) <3
  • Those fucking guitars, aaaaaaaaghhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuucK!
  • The sexiest guitar in Opeth, that's for sure!! :D
  • great...
  • Another masterpiece right here.
  • This song is so fucking good
  • The part about a minute in reminds me of the Secret of Mana.
  • He could be singing about my life. Life on the road is so hard. But at least he had friends and family. But the song bites to my heart every time I hear it. Damn it can really touch me.
  • This is where Singing turns into Praying , " Hours of wealth" Best thing I've ever heard in my life
  • Man; this one hits to the core of the soul. Awesome.
  • Easily in my top 10 favourite songs, ever.
  • beautiful just beautiful
  • I can't describe how much i love this song...
  • Best band ever? Best band ever.
  • The solo at the end can make even the coldest hearts tremble.
  • The vocals on this song are some of my favourite vocals ever! Then I reckon he reclaimed his "Arriving Somewhere but Not Here" solo and put it at the end. Shit man, just so amazing!!
  • Mikael, you bluesy bastard...
  • nice One !!!
  • very deep emotional song... perfect example for the musical feeling of Mikael. Who does not feel anything during this masterpiece, should check if he is a robot
  • Singing part is awesome
  • The ending solo is just incredible...
  • First part is awesome, from 2:23 it's perfect ;)
  • <3
  • strange the first part reminds me of dream theater. don't know why... Oo
  • opeth has an extremely talented keyboard player
  • I find the first half of this song to be some of the most chillingly beautiful music Opeth has done.
  • :):):)
  • Gorgeous. Haunting. Awesome. That man sure knows how to sing, play, and swoon me over!
  • Deep.
  • First half is like a fantastic Silent Hill soundtrack.
  • lovely <3
  • so sexy and peaceful at the same time
  • One of my favorite Opeth songs of all time
  • Singing part is magnificent. [48547474]
  • I love the second part, when Mikael sings.
  • Singing part is magnificent.
  • I think that a band's songs also get the artist's tags.
  • great!
  • Jazzy solo
  • relaxing


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