• Biuro rzeczy znalezionych 2010-02-02 - lista

    3 Feb 2010, 08:58 by radiopanteon

    Lista najbliższego dyżuru w biurze wyszła nam taka...

    ...monolityczna nieco. w porywach bluźniercza i nieopisywalna.
    masywnie i gęsto będzie już we wtorek, od 18:30.



    Zmasowana masywna masa muzyczna wyglądała następująco:

    Vaka - Sigma Omega

    Woburn House - Omega

    Cephalic Carnage - The Omega Point

    Opeth - Hex Omega

    Omega Massif - Totengebirge

    Deathspell Omega - Chaining the Katechon

    Omega Massif - Unter Null

    Om - Meditation is the Practice of Death

    Host - Track 3

    Rwake - OmegA

    A Storm of Light - Omega

    dziękuję za rewelacyjną obecność przy głośnikach i na czacie. i zapraszam na 9 lutego.

    stay tuned!

    Tomek Nautilus
  • Opeth - Melbourne 25/11/2009

    29 Nov 2009, 05:45 by synultima

    Wed 25 Nov – Opeth, Contrive

    are a band that I had only recently discovered (maybe a year or so) and ever since hearing Watershed I have been dying to see them play live.

    When the tour was announced I quickly snatched up some tickets for Jack and I and ever since have listened to them non-stop; at work, in the car and at home.

    The amount of skill displayed on all of their albums is astonishing, so both Jack and I agreed that they’d probably be able to “do it live”.

    We weren’t let down at all.

    They opened with Windowpane, one of their slower, softer songs from the almost completely acoustic album Damnation. The crowd loved it and sang along all the way through.

    After a quick “hello” Mikael Åkerfeldt launched straight into Ghost of Perdition, a song that bounces between heavy and soft, brutal and delicate. This is one of their “hits” and it was magnificent to see the crowd get so involved.

    The whole night was a bit of a blur…
  • Opeth Japan Tour 2009 @ Shibuya O-east, Tokyo, Japan, Tue 17 Nov. 2009

    17 Nov 2009, 15:08 by emicom

    Tue 17 Nov – Opeth Japan Tour 2009
    GuitarのFredrik Åkessonのものと思われます。 \m/ (^O^) \m/
    (setlist) 19:00 - 20:50 くらい
    01 Windowpane / Damnationなど
    02 Ghost of Perdition / Ghost Reveries
    03 Lotus Eater / Watershed
    04 White Cluster / Still Life
    05 The Leper Affinity / Blackwater Park
    06 Harlequin Forest / Ghost Reveries
    07 April Ethereal / My Arms, Your Hearse
    08 Hex Omega / Watershed
    09 Burden / Watershed
    10 Deliverance / Deliverance
    ※ 09は、Heir Apparent / Watershedでなく、Burdenだそう。

    (Stockholm, Södermanland, Sweden (1990 – present), progressive metal, death metal, melodic death metal, similar to Bloodbath, Katatonia, Gojira, Cynic, Porcupine Tree)
  • Progressive Nation Europe Tour 2009

    27 Oct 2009, 02:29 by gandalf86

    Gracias de nuevo!!! (y van 3)

    Esto del directo de los grupos es bastante curioso. Hay algunos que sin haberlos visto, sabes que pueden ser un truño bien grande, otros que piensas que solventarán y por mucho la papeleta del directo y otros que ni te lo imaginas. Otros que después de varias veces puedes haber tenido suerte y haber visto buenas actuaciones suyas, o pueden ser irregulares.

    Hay otra variedad de grupos, hechos de otra pasta seguramente, que en directo multiplican por 1000 su resultado de estudio. Un par de ejemplos que me vienen así rápido a la cabeza podrían ser Opeth y Dream Theater. Los pude ver este viernes pasado (Opeth por 4ª vez, 3ª vez con Guille, lo nuestro es pasión!! jajaja, y a Dream Theater por 3ª vez).

    Todo ello en el Progressive Nation Tour Europe 2009, que para mi sorpresa pasaba por España. Constaba de los grupos citados y con unos buenos teloneros, Unexpect y Bigelf.

    Después de clase, pasar por casa para cambiarme y al centro a comer en el Fres Co con Alex…
  • Progressive Nation 2009

    26 Oct 2009, 02:30 by -Zelgadis-

    Fri 23 Oct – Progressive Nation 2009

    Si, lo vivimos, estuvimos alli. El mayor festival itinerante de musica progresiva visitaba Madrid

    Acompañado de dos amiguetes, aparecimos por la cubierta a eso de las 2 de la tarde, encontrando a un grupo no muy numeroso de gente mas madrugadores de nosotros. Tras la busqueda de un kebab por parte de Pablo y mia, Petru ya se habia echo colega de un grupo de albacete y de una chica de Estepona. Las horas entonces se nos pasaron volando.

    A las 6 de la tarde, abrieron puertas y tras un cacheo y muestra de entrada, entramos como locos corriendo hacia el escenario. Conseguimos un hueco en la primera fila, un poco escorados a la izquierda, con la intencion de tener cerca a Myung y a Rudess.

    Innauguraron el Progressive Nation la banda de Death/Black sinfonico progresiva Unexpect. La banda con una estética muy cuidada, sobre todo el bajista y la cantante, sufrió el maldito eco de la cubierta de leganés que nos fastidiaria la noche hasta la llegada de las dos bandas mayores. …
  • Review - Progressive Nation Tour 2009 - Palácio de Cristal, Porto - 22/10/09

    23 Oct 2009, 18:37 by nunolobao

    Quinta 22 Out – Progressive Nation 2009

    A passada noite de 22 de Outubro ficou marcada pela passagem da Progressive Nation Tour 2009 por território nacional. Levada a cabo e encabeçada pelos Dream Theater conta ainda com os suecos Opeth, os norte-americanos Bigelf e os canadianos Unexpect. O destino escolhido foi o Porto e muitos foram os que não quiseram perder a oportunidade de ver na mesma noite duas das maiores bandas do metal progressivo mundial.

    Passavam poucos minutos das 19:00 horas quando, e como previsto, os Unexpect subiram ao palco. Desde cedo a má acústica do Palácio de Cristal se fez sentir e os Unexpect enfrentaram problemas de som durante todo o concerto. As guitarras e o baixo foram praticamente inaudíveis ao longo da actuação destes canadianos e pormenores técnicos, característicos do avant-garde, passaram despercebidos á maioria da plateia que se ia aglomerando em frente ao palco. Assim, os Unexpect acabaram por passar de forma indiferente pela maioria do público.
  • Progressive Nation Tour

    26 Sep 2009, 08:40 by Twilight_Amanda

    Fri 25 Sep – Progressive Nation 2009

    Opeth. And Dream Theater. In the same show. Awesome!
    That's what I thought when we drove down to Stockholm for this great event. But it didn't get just that awesome. But I'm skipping ahead.

    Unexpect and Bigelf.
    We came in right in the middle of Unexpect's set, but from what I heard, I can't say we missed out on that much. The music was a bit too over the top for me, personally. It had a very nightmarish mood, that was kinda cool. But it just wasn't my thing. And unfortunately, that's all I can say about them.

    The Imperial March from Star Wars starts to roar out over the audience. Bigelf. Without a doubt the coolest band to enter the stage that night. They all looked like Cousin Itt! (I say that in all well meaning. I have a soft spot for long-haired men.) Their music was a bit Deep Purple-sounding at times, quite classic and cool. During one song, Blackball I think, Mike Portnoy hijacked the drums. Love that man, very inspiring. ^^

  • Melhores Álbuns de 2008

    31 Dec 2008, 21:27 by Aero3k

    Melhores Álbuns de 2008

    Como no ano passado, estou postando novamente os melhores álbuns que ouvi durante o ano.
    Li a introdução do outro post, e posso dizer que este ano foi uma "continuação" de tudo aquilo que eu vinha tentando ouvir (e absorver) ano passado. Conheci várias bandas de vários estilos, algumas delas muito boas por sinal, e inclusive assimilei alguns sons que até algum tempo atrás seria bem difícil para me acostumar. Tudo que tentei ouvir foi baseado na musicalidade, no feeling, no que poderia sentir com a música. Tentei basear as idéias em um simples conceito de um apreciador de uma boa música, e não como músico ou apenas vendo o lado técnico da coisa (pelo menos eu tentei).

    Até neste momento que estou escrevendo, estou na dúvida sobre o que fazer. Iria fazer um top com os 10 melhores álbuns lançados neste ano baseados na minha opinião. Entretanto, como vários (e ótimos) álbuns foram lançados, seria um tanto quanto injusto falar de apenas 10 álbuns que foram os melhores. …
  • Top 10 albums of 2008

    31 Dec 2008, 05:27 by xPfuntnerx

    I want to preface this list by admitting a few things. I believe that this year is somewhat of a recovery from the non-stop awesome that was 2007. Last year was a prog year, and this year is clearly a metal one. There are many albums that I heard maybe once or twice and enjoyed a great deal but did not include on this list simply because I don’t know them well enough (Ihsahn, Testament, Arsis). There are other albums that I never got a hold of that probably would have made it on this list if I had heard them in time (Cynic, Burst, Portishead). So as a result this is the list. Feel free to hate my guts for the decisions made therein.

    10. Antithesis by Origin
    I only added this to the list because I’m pretty sure that if I didn’t, an extremely large planet would fly from out of nowhere and crush me along with the rest of earth. This is music to study quantum physics to. It is the sound your brain makes when you realize that matter is comprised mainly of nothing. …
  • You Don't Have to be Mainstream to be Cool - Tempus' Top 10 Songs, week of Oct .27

    28 Oct 2008, 03:02 by Tempus-Fugit

    Every week from now on, I'll be posting up ten songs that I think are really neat, largely from the rock or metal genres, but occasionally a few others. Generally speaking, these will not be very mainstream, and I'll be dodging songs I hear often on the radio. If the artists are mainstream (and some will be!) I'll be dodging the most popular songs as best I can.

    #10. The Knife (Genesis)
    From the largely-overlooked Trespass LP, a nine-minute epic about war, death, that sort of crap... not a subject Genesis would often (if ever? I can't remember) revisit again. Definitely an underrated slab of progressive rock. The album should be re-issued soon - let this song serve as the best reason you can come up with for grabbing the album.

    #9. Halo (Porcupine Tree)
    The band became popular after In Absentia but it didn't attain huge popularity - and largely tried to completely dodge it on their new album. As expected, the singles of Deadwing were much weaker than most of the album tracks, and Halo is an instant favorite.