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Face of Melinda (7:57)


  • ...de putamadre!!!!
  • hahaha one of the tags is fucking awesome. It sure is
  • live, roundhouse kicking you... TO OBLIVION.
  • <3
  • alright, this is good!
  • mindblowing
  • My promise is made but my heart is thine.
  • amazing song!
  • Best of Opeth song..
  • can someone tell me i'm not dreaming, omg this song is amazing
  • Lovely song.
  • Favourite Opeth track, and a great version of it too. I think the keyboards add a lot to the live Opeth sound, a rare thing for a metal band.
  • greeeeat song. love it..
  • best one of their mellow songs.
  • love the end of the roundhouse version Shut the fuck up
  • its very good on the round house great song
  • lol death metal? lovely song
  • yay fixed
  • whats worng wit the roundhouse tag?


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