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  • because lastfm is shit
  • Why isn't Garden of Delete showing up as one of his albums?
  • wheres the melodies?? pure garbage! more like oneohtrix point NEVER listening to crap like this again
  • Why did I think Sticky Drama was an innocent track about sticky gelato when I first heard it? Silly me!
  • i love/hate OPN with all of my soul; any time i go to start a listening spree of OPN/side project tracks, i'm only able to listen to maybe 12 tracks at maximum before i'm unable to continue due to how tired/zoned i become. it's like his discography is actively trying to spite me cause of how damned relaxing and ethereal all of it is
  • GOD was juuust about album of the year, 2015:
  • I'm not really into/aware the concepts behind each OPN release but each release offers something for the minds eye and texturally. the surfaces of each album always stimulates the senses,
  • Henrick_MS's comment killed my brain...Henrick stahp that, plz! I iz degraded badly naw. Anyway, GoD is an outstanding LP!
  • if you like indie music, check out my top 50 current indie songs chart every 10 days:
  • Contemporary musical genius.
  • hmm. i liked a lot the new album, but i don't see all that. anyway, i met he just today. i really wanna heard his other albums.
  • Garden of Delete, album of the year:
  • rifts
  • Calm down, Chad. Don't do anything rash. You might have just oversaturated yourself with GoD. Take a week off, listen to some Steve Hauschildt, Steve Moore, or Steve Miller Band then come back to it. You'll see.
  • Garden of Delete is so gooooooooooooooooooooooooood!
  • Is it just me or is Garden of Delete getting a bit boring already? Replica & R Plus Seven might just be better after all... I take everything I said earlier back.
  • album art is back!!!
  • Garden of Delete for best album of forever
  • <3
  • I'm on board with the new one too. I've always found his stuff hit or miss, but as mentioned, Garden of Delete has been a lot of fun to listen to.
  • There's that bit sort of in the 2nd half of Mutant Standard & it massively reminds me of Fuck Buttons' Tarot Sport. Which is obviously a good thing.
  • This album is pure audio enjoy. This is the music of the future. It gets better every time I listen to it. On a good speakers it sounds like a 3d visual experience where you could see all the floating synths and sounds.
  • Captivated by the new thing.
  • Круто, места даже Хекера превосходит.
  • Garden of Delete is fucking mind-bending
  • Конечно же не Тим Хекер, но тоже неплохо, хотя у Лопатина своеобразный дроун/эмбиент, не похож на ТХ.
  • am I the only one who feels that GoD is his best release.. /:
  • AOTY
  • That's a nice Grotus sample at the end of SDFK (
  • альбом 2015 гипергоднотень
  • All sounds the same.
  • first listen of garden of delete:it sucks. / second listen:goooooosh,its fucking good
  • I think that R Plus Seven might be my favorite still, but each of the last 4 albums has a unique appeal. That's what's kinda great about OPN, you can love different works for totally different reasons. Returnal is still my go-to for ambient bliss, Replica is still the "catchiest" one, R Plus Seven is like his "classical" album and the new one is easily the most active & energetic.. not to mention all the Rifts stuff has a different vibe from these.
  • v it's because I really like the retro-garbage artificial nostalgia and the damaged VHS atmosphere of replica... but GOD is also a masterpiece, very contemporary and incredibly well-done, a nice turning point, career-changing record
  • Replica << GOD, come on.
  • That organ part should be longer on Freaky Eyes
  • vapor metal is the future
  • god bless japan
  • idk, I listen to Boards of Canada since almost three years ago, and GOD gives me a Geogaddi feeling, the same claustrophobic vibes... but, like I said before, OPN overall shares ground with BoC when we're talking about music style... btw, Replica > GOD (although both are really good, but in different ways)
  • ok, I'm still a newbie about this kind of music and I'm still discovering his discography, but I was very excited for GOD and it definitely is as good as I expected, but imo it's somehow very different from everything he has done so far... it's very rock-ish (influences somewhere between heavy metal and death metal), more agressive, while the previous was more vaporwave 2.0, more patient, more weird EDM from post-internet era
  • Animals-I Bite Through It-Freaky Eyes, feels like a trilogy for some reason. Just a damn fine group of tracks that sum up the tone of the whole album.
  • Mutant Standard IS DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I LOVE YOU DANIEL <<<<<<<<<<<<33333333333333333 [2]
  • I think the leak that was floating around is lower quality, I recommend getting a new copy now that the album is out. Another gem, Lopatin.
  • I LOVE YOU DANIEL <<<<<<<<<<<<33333333333333333
  • Ezra is freaking tight


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