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  • Follow One-T on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/One-T-Music/573500819412533 :D
  • Tomorrow's War is very great))
  • Music is the One T odc, Bein' A Star and The Magic Key, are very great songs!!!
  • ♥The Magic Key♥ [4]
  • юность моя, счастье моё )) [2]
  • ♥The Magic Key♥ [3]
  • Nostalgia....
  • Each day is gettin' crazier than the last... And, it is actually true.
  • юность моя, счастье моё :D
  • Hamburguesa <3
  • Velgos, it's Cool-T )
  • Great Album. It's a chilly one. And a good one to dance with. All Songs are great.
  • "Magic Key" brings back many good memories :)
  • ♥The Magic Key♥ [2]
  • ♥The Magic Key♥ [ 1]
  • Damn ! But i can't find a way to know who sings ! I mean at least the MC on magic key ! Who's that ?
  • ♥The Magic Key♥
  • ♥The Magic Key♥
  • Magic Key.... epic!!! Legendary, awesome....and more and more...
  • такі веселі лунатики у кліпі "меджік кі"
  • The song reminds me of my early highshool life
  • I used to listen this band when I was in highschool! Good times!
  • Me too
  • The Magic Key caught me 3-4 years agoes. Yeah, I still love this track.
  • They're underrated... (at leat compared to what we can hear today) 'The Magic Key', 'Bein' A Star', 'The Travoltino Club (One-t's Gonna Shine)' and 'Music Is The One-T ODC' are simply great!
  • Indeed. They caught me before 5-6 years with the magic key <3
  • The vocals are done by Virginie Tesniere: http://www.discogs.com/One-T-Music-Is-The-One-T-Odc-Episode-One/release/368248
  • destructive!
  • this music is my ODC!
  • i mean Music Is the One-t odc and i think is the same voice in Bein' a Star
  • someone know who's the voice, the girl who sing this awesom song!
  • Music Is the One-T Odc - nice song
  • They are just great !
  • epic !
  • Great character...and the two albums are just awesome!

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